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A Week Well Spent with Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin

Updated: May 7, 2020

How do you think you could spend a great week? I certainly had one of the best weeks of my life last week, and I’ll tell you all how in my 7-day diary below.

But why am I doing this you ask? Have you ever tried a Bathtub gin? If not, you’re missing out! Bathtub gin is a delicious gin made by Ableforth’s and is their most popular spirit. It was created in 2011, and uses a London Dry Gin base, infused with 6 botanicals over 7 days to create the delicious flavour.

What can you get up to in 7 days? Here’s how I made the most of my week.


I generally work in Birmingham on Monday’s – so it’s an early start to me. I drove up to Birmingham and spent the day in our office, where I love catching up with my colleagues about our weekends. It’s a pretty admin heavy day at work, reporting back to my accounts on how things are going, and I’m always excited to get home at the end of the day. I’m lucky enough to have a fiancé who loves to good (and is damn good at it!) so I arrive home to dinner on the table (he works 5 minutes from our house) and we catch up before setting down to Love Island and an early night!


I try to work from home as much as possible on Tuesdays. It gives me a chance to prepare for any meetings, and finalise any projects I need to work on that week. It also makes it easy for me to get to the gym, and eat healthily! I had a video call with a GP on Tuesday, because my Hay Fever has been HORRENDOUS this year – anyone else having the same problem? Don’t worry though – I have the answer (apart from lots of over the counter medicine) – gin is medicinal, so just have a bathtub gin & tonic at the end of the day! I got loads done today, and squeezed in a gym session at lunch time so I’m feeling great. My turn to cook tonight, we’re having spicy cajun chicken with vegetables and rice – yum!


I’m starting to get excited about the weekend – when you hear how good it is you’ll understand why! I started off the day with a workout – I hate the idea of the gym but feel great after. Then to get prepped for the weekend, I’ve got a busy day ahead. A couple of meetings in Cheltenham and working from a coffee shop for the rest of the day, gives me time to pop into some clothes shops at lunchtime and pick myself some new outfits. Then I’m off to “top up my tan” – those of you who know me will get how funny that is. I don’t tan, at all, so it’s a spray tan for me! I look like I’ve been living in The Caribbean for the past 6 months when I come out. Home for dinner and of course, Love Island before hitting the ZZZ’s.


Thursday is the new Friday, literally for me this week, because I’m off tomorrow! Another day working from home to get everything in order before enjoying my long weekend, work is hectic at the moment so the peace and quiet is great for getting things done. I popped out at lunchtime to get my nails done, I’ve gone for jazzy different shades of pastel this time – perfect for my girls weekend coming up tomorrow.

Thursday night see’s the rebrand and launch of the new Dunkerton’s cider, which I’ve been invited to – so we head over to the cidery in Charlton Kings to enjoy some canapés, taste some ciders and take lots of photos of the new products – which look great. Then we headed home and … you guessed it, watched Love Island! But the most exciting thing about this evening is it’s no longer a school night, so time to crack open my bottle of Bathtub gin, which I enjoyed served over ice with a slice of orange (and tonic of course). It was a well deserved drink after a long week, and having not had a Bathtub for a while I really enjoyed the refreshing flavours, and am excited that I have a whole bottle to enjoy!


The fun starts now. It’s 1 year today since D and I got engaged, so of course we had to celebrate. I started off today treating myself to a blow-dry in Aveda in John Lewis, which was a lovely pamper & head massage to start the day, and my hair is feeling fresh and bouncy ready for the weekend. I took a few clothes back to some shops, and met D for brunch in Woodkraft, where I celebrated with avocado on toast and a glass of fizz! We then headed home and met D’s mum for coffee at ours, before popping another bottle of fizz and settling down in front of the tennis. We chilled out for the afternoon, and watched the Djokovic semi-final, and then I went to pack….

… I’m going on my hen do tonight! How exciting! The girls are picking me up at 5pm and I have no idea where we’re going, until we get there. We head down in the car.. and arrive in Bath around 8pm. I’m dressed as a superhero bride, and we check ourselves into the most beautiful townhouse in the centre of town. We stayed in, ate pizza, played games, and drank lots of my favourite drink – gin & tonic of course! I brought the bottle with me, a bottle of Bathtub gin in Bath, seems like the perfect combination to me.


I have no idea where I’m going until we get to each event. The girls cooked a lovely breakfast and we headed into town, where I was taken to a gym. Don’t worry, they weren’t getting me to do a workout (thankfully) – we did a Beyonce dance class. It was so much fun, I am the most uncoordinated person that I know, so I know how funny those videos will be to watch back. But such a love and a great thing to do with. My friends. After this, we headed back the the house for a picnic style lunch (one of my fab bridesmaids had even baked brownies) and got ready for our next activity. This time, I’d been told to dress smart casual, and we ended up in a lovely cocktail bar to do a gin masterclass! We tried some incredible cocktails (and a few shots) and learnt all about the history of gin, and then sat in their beautiful garden with a drink at the end of the class. It was my perfect afternoon. We popped home to get changed for the evening (where I treated myself to yet another gin & tonic) and headed back out, and this time I was taken to a comedy club. It was my perfect hen, I enjoyed doing lots of things I love with some of my favourite people. After the comedy club, we danced the night away and showed off our Beyonce dance moves.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that the weekend fun must be over at this point. Well I can assure you, it’s not! Today is my sisters birthday, so she wakes me up early to say goodbye as she’s heading home to celebrate (don’t worry, I made sure she enjoyed a Colin before we went out last night!). I get up shortly after and the girls drive me home, where I am collecting D’s mum to head down to Wimbledon – we’ve got tickets to Centre Court for THE MEN’S FINAL. I’m sorry if you’re not into tennis, but if you haven’t heard about the Dkjokovic V Federer final at Wimbledon this year, you must have been buried under a rock. We didn’t move from our seats for 5 whole hours, and it was so worth it. We got the tickets in the ballot this year, and it was the best game we ever could have seen. It truly topped off the most incredible weekend.

I headed home after one of the best weekends of my life, to a chilled glass of Bathtub Gin & Tonic, it was the most perfect week well spent!

So.. in 7 days I’ve had an incredible time. An incredible bottle of gin is made in just 7 days. What can you do in 7 days?!

If you head to Ableforth’s website – and tell them what your perfect week well spent would be, you could win it! UK or Australian residents can enter by answering the question on the Ableforth’s website and the winner will receive their week well spent (e.g. £1000 vouchers for specific airline, restaurants, learning course etc). Just head to the website to find out more, and good luck!

A little tip from me – definitely include a bottle of delicious Ableforth’s Gin in your perfect week. Cheers!



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