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The Manor - Weston-On-The-Green

Updated: May 7, 2020

It’s not often I turn down an afternoon tea, and this was certainly no exception! The Manor at Weston on the green is in Oxfordshire, and to celebrate the fact that they’ve got their own food festival coming up in September they invited me over to have a look around, and try out their delightful offering.

As we drove up to the hotel, we were impressed by it’s grandeur, it is a truly beautiful building in a beautiful setting near Woodstock, in the Cotswolds. The perfect place for a Saturday afternoon treat, especially as we had spent the morning viewing wedding venues nearby.


The manor house was absolutely beautiful, we were welcomed in through a grand doorway and shown into the cutest little tea room, full of old features. It was full to the brim, lots of friends and families enjoying an afternoon of indulgence. Everyone was enjoying the venue, with so much to look at and a lovely balcony upstairs which overlooks the room. There was a wedding going on outside, which did mean that staff were coming through the room with canapés – being the nosy person that I am I quite enjoyed this!


Extremely friendly staff, who were attentive and served with a smile. We had a lovely afternoon, were well looked after, and barely noticed they were there (I see that as a good thing!). Everything was done perfectly, and they made sure we were kept topped up with everything we needed. It’s hard to judge a restaurant on it’s service based on afternoon tea, as it’s quite a simple process, but I was truly happy and relaxed in their environment.


This is where it get’s good! The food was great, I’m quite fussy at afternoon tea and often don’t eat lots of things (especially the sandwiches) and I was happy to see this one was nice and simple! I loved how the sandwiches came altogether on a stick – it was a really nice way to serve them. They were just what I needed – ham & mustard, cucumber & hummus, cheese & tomato chutney and salmon & cream cheese. Next we tried the cakes – delicious, tart, moist lemon drizzle cake, a really cute mini swiss roll, a mini coconut roll (which I didn’t eat – not a fan of coconut – sorry!), and a really tasty rich piece of chocolate brownie. It was a fantastic combination of cakes, and I was very happy.

We finished off with the best part of course (what order do you have them in… I like to finish on the scones because they’re my favourite part!) the scones, with a great big pot of jam and cream. We got a fruit and plain scone each, they were light and fluffy on the inside, and crisp on the outside. Utterly perfect!

Price and Rating 

Great value for the amount of food that you get – we couldn’t finish it all! It was around £20 for afternoon tea, with additional cost for champagne (which was only approx £7 a glass). 


They advertise on their website as “afternoon tea in style” – and I can totally agree with them that it feels like we were dining in style!




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