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Baker & Graze - Cheltenham

Updated: May 7, 2020

This amazing little cafe which opened in November last year has quickly gained a big reputation amongst locals and tourists alike. It’s taken a while for me to get over there and try it out, but it was most definitely worth the wait. The Suffolks continues to grow as one of the best areas of Cheltenham, with some of the county’s best restaurants.


There was most certainly a buzz when we walked into the restaurant. From the outside it looks small and unassuming, but walking in at 11am on a Saturday morning, it’s alive with families, couples and friends, all catching up over a coffee and some incredible pastries. There’s a fabulous garden outback, a little sun trap in the summer (it was hot that day) and lots of different areas to the restaurant. I’d love to come back and try it in the evening, to see how different it can be by candlelight :).


This was the only thing that let the place down, whilst the waitresses were friendly and happy, they were a little slow. I can totally forgive this considering how busy it was, however our food came before our drinks, which is quite frustrating. I was parched! The girl came and took our order, disappeared off and 10 minutes later our food arrived. We grabbed her and asked where our drinks were, and she’d forgotten whether she’d even taken an order from us! (She asked us if we’d ordered from her or someone else). She scurried off to the bar and returned with our drinks. Despite this hiccup, it was a friendly service and I could see that they were rushed off their feet.


The food was as expected… to die for. I can’t wait to go back and try another dish, I was torn between a hot meal and their pastries as it all looked amazing.

I ordered a sausage sandwich on sourdough, and D ordered crushed avocado with bacon & eggs on sourdough toast. I can see why they’d serve everything on sourdough, I’ll be back in a heartbeat to buy a loaf, I’ve never tasted bread as good as that in a restaurant.

The plates were full of colour, flavour, perfectly size and cooked to perfection. D’s avocados were ripe & bright, the eggs had a fantastic ooze when cut into, and the bacon was crisp. The sandwich I ordered was equally as satisfying, herby little sausages and fresh crusted bread.


Price and Rating

It’s reasonable, prices you’d expect for a brunch. We paid around £20 for the 2 of us, well worth the £10 a head for what I would say is one of the best brunches in the Cotswolds!

If it wasn’t for the slow service, these guys would have had perfection, but I will be back to give them another chance. It certainly wouldn’t put me off, and I would expect the service to be spot on any other morning of the week.

See you again soon Baker & Graze!




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