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Bodean’s BBQ – London

Updated: May 7, 2020

If you’ve been to London and not been to a Bodean’s, you haven’t lived! I am excited to meet friends each time I visit London, so I can head here. It’s generally one of my first suggestions of where to eat, and this occasion was no different.

There are a few of them dotted around, I love the one in Tower Hill as you can usually get a table, but on this occasion I was in Central London, so headed to Soho. It can be tricky to get a table here, but they have an upstairs ‘deli’ which is usually quieter, so we managed to eat up here.

I love the atmosphere in Bodean’s, it is relaxed, with a bit of buzz, and makes you feel like you are in the US! When the rugby world cup was on, they had screens with it on, so you can usually catch the big sports matches whilst you eat.

In true London style, the tubes were messed up on Wednesday evening, so my friend ran relatively late for dinner. Having sat at the table, knowing she was stuck, I was relieved when she arrived an hour late! The waitresses were patient, but definitely looking at me as though I had been stood up.

We ordered our food, and the menu is extensive (full of meat, and all of it is so good!). I didn’t know what to choose, so went for a bit of a mix – the ‘Soho Special’ which is pulled pork and burnt ends (beef). It’s making me salivate even thinking about it. It came in a brioche bun, and I changed fries for sweet potato fries. The pulled pork and burnt ends is melt in your mouth pure goodness. And the sweet potato fries are perfectly crisp on the outside, and light and fluffy on the inside. It was a fairly small meal, as we only had a main (trying to be good!), but really filled me up. Their portions are large, but a good size if you have worked up an appetite, and not too big to make you feel like you are bursting at the seam! The flavour of the meat is delicious, I’m not a huge BBQ sauce fan, but the BBQ they use to marinade the meat in is heavenly, and extremely addictive.

Prices are reasonable, you have to remember you are in London, and it is an extremely popular tourist restaurant (as well as locals). For a main meal you’re looking around £15. However, they do really well-priced sharing boards, where you can try all of the meats, and these are a great value, especially if you are famished. These range from £25-£40 for 2 people, with each additional person costing a little more. This is great value for money, it comes with a variety of meats, and then you can add on sides as you wish.

They also do fabulous milkshakes, and desserts – if you have any room left! But definitely go for more meat and don’t save up for dessert, as the meat is what they do perfectly.

Like I said, if you are visiting London, Bodean’s is a must visit restaurant. It can be busy, but you are able to book tables in advance if you know when you would like to go.

Make sure you visit with an empty stomach.


Price range: £15-£25 pp (depending on how hungy you are!)




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