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Bottomless Brunch at Turtle Bay

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Bottomless brunch is something I love, and there aren't a huge amount of places that serve it up in Cheltenham. But we are lucky enough to have a recent addition to the shortlist - Turtle Bay are now serving up their delicious brunch (which a spicy kick) with the option to make it bottomless - and the best news is it includes Cocktails, Mocktails (perfect for me being pregnant right now!), beers, ciders, hot drinks, soft drinks and prosecco. It's definitely on to a winning start!


Turtle Bay has one of the best layouts in town, which contributes to a fantastic atmosphere. With beautiful lights around the restaurant, and a relaxed vibe, it is the perfect location to start off a boozy weekend. The restaurant is well-spaced out, with screens and a one-way system to make it as safe as possible, and of course the staff are all wearing visors. We arrived at 10am which is when the restaurant opens, which was lovely because it was totally empty (perfect for a quick photo session!) but by the time we left around 11.30 it was buzzing and full of happy diners.

Food (& Drink)

If you're after a classic brunch, this isn't the place for you. Their menu is adorned with breakfast dishes with a Carribbean twist, such as jerk sausage & bacon (although they had run out of bacon!), curry goat hash, and lots of roti bread. D was delighted to find avocado smash on the menu (of course, with a "hint" of chilli), and I couldn't wait to try the Honey Bunny Yardbird (buttermilk chicken on a stack of roti, with maple syrup, cream cheese and (hold for me!) hot sauce. The food was delicious, and pretty filling, but if you do need a large amount of food to soak up a bottomless brunch, you may like to go a little later in the day and enjoy a burger. I love buttermilk chicken, and was unsure about the cream cheese with maple syrup, but it actually really worked. And I loved how they'd made my roti into something resembling pancakes, it was delicious!

D decided to take advantage and treat himself to bottomless prosecco (followed by a delicious looking latte), whilst I made my way through the mocktail menu. If you've not enjoyed the Turtle Bay Cocktails before (where have you been - 2-4-1 cocktails everyday until 8pm!) they have an impressive list, and the cocktails are really tasty. My favourite was definitely the Virgin Passion Punch, closely followed by the Virgin Raspberry Reggae (and I would imagine that I would enjoy them in an alcoholic version too, which I'll have to try out in a few months!)


The staff in here are really friendly, and clearly great at making cocktails! There seem to be a large amount of staff in the restaurant which is great because it's easy to get someone's attention, and they all seem to be enjoying themselves at work. Because of the sheer amount of staff, we didn't have 1 person looking after us, which would definitely be a nice touch, but overall I was pretty impressed with their service.

Price & Rating

If you're heading out for a bottomless brunch, with the sheet amount of drinks choices, you can't really go wrong here. It's £27 for bottomless brunch, or you can get 2-4-1 on breakfast, and then 2-4-1 on cocktails, so work out how much you're planning to drink and book the best offer for you! The only downside is that a lot of the dishes have supplements that you need to add on, but when you're getting the amount of delicious cocktails which you can enjoy in Turtle Bay, it's totally worth it!




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