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Brewhouse & Kitchen – Cheltenham

Updated: May 6, 2020

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the pre-opening weekend of the hot new Brewhouse & Kitchen in The Brewery, Cheltenham. Now, firstly I must apologize to the team there, as it has taken me such a long time to get my review perfected. D and I have just bought our first home, and the last month has been pretty crazy, and we’re finally settled in so I’ve got time to sit down and do some writing. However, I still feel awful that it has taken me this long, so to Sophia and team I really am sorry! It most certainly doesn’t reflect on how much I love the place.

I’m quickly beginning to realise that to truly appreciate a restaurant, you need to visit twice, so of course I went, kicking and screaming to revisit Brewhouse & Kitchen a couple of weeks after opening. Both times I visited, I’m extremely pleased to say there is not a bad thing to say about it!

It has quickly become a Cheltonian favorite, situated on the main road end of The Brewery, which is fast growing with some fabulous new eateries. Brewhouse & Kitchen was long overdue and a welcome update to the lack of bars in there, it’s nice to have a choice of where to go for pre-cinema drinks!! Not only that, the food is fantastic, the staff are friendly and the atmosphere is buzzing.

On our first visit to B&K, we had been invited along with a couple of friends to try the place out. The first thing I note from their opening weekend (where press, friends and family were invited) is that they ran the event over the course of the weekend, and you could eat from the menu as normal. I LOVED this, it’s so much better to go and try out the food in a restaurant if you can choose what you would like from the menu. This way I feel you get a true outlook on just how good it is.

Walking into the place is great, I love the shape of the restaurant – long and narrow which gives it a feeling of being really spacious, with the brewery section at the back of the restaurant. They have a really cool table at the front which has an open fire in the middle, somewhere I’m sure I will frequent over the winter months.

We were greeted by an extremely happy waitress, who was attentive throughout, despite the fact that the place was rammed.

D and I shared Camembert to start (of course we did!), which of course you cannot go wrong with in our eyes. Served with crostini and chutney, it went down a treat (and began to fill us up!). For main course, I ordered a classic burger with added pulled pork and halloumi, pretty much all of my favourite things in one delicious mouthful. The burger was soft, melt in your mouth meat, and the halloumi (which I think is difficult to get right) was grilled to perfection. All in all a great start to our experiences at Brewhouse & Kitchen.

There is an extensive dessert menu, but having eaten rather a lot, none of us were able to manage the idea of dessert. I think it’s a place I would happily return to simply for dessert and a cocktail!

On my second visit to Brewhouse & Kitchen, they were officially open and in full swing. My friend and I booked a table, and there was clearly a long wait if we hadn’t. I was excited to see a sign on the table with my name on, encouraging other customers that they could sit on the table until we arrived at 8pm (one of my pet peeves is when a place won’t let you sit on a table 2 hours before their reservation arrives!). On this occasion, I decided to try the funky chicken burger, which once again was delicious. Juicy, flavoursome and packed full of salad, it was a great choice. In my honest opinion though, I don’t think you can get a bad choice in this wonderful restaurant. A friend of mine did have the notorious “Ridiculous Burger”, which is fast shooting to the top of the “Best Burger in Cheltenham” ranks, so this is definitely a dish I’m hoping to return and try at some point (on a VERY empty stomach). I’m also intrigued by the whole beercan chicken, which D and I have vowed to head in and try at some point too.

Something that really excited me, was that on their extensive beer menu, they had Framboise!! This is a beer which I drank religiously when D and I were in Brussells a couple of years ago – perfect for those who want to join in with the beer fun but aren’t too keen on standard ales or lager.

I must say, this is somewhere I plan to spend alot of time in over the coming years. Full of fun, bustling atmosphere, smiley staff, great food, and an incredible list of drinks, it certainly has something to please everyone.

And if you are a keen beer lover, you can always head down their for one of their brewery experience days.

You’re looking at around £10-£15 for a main course, if you want to go and have a blowout with a couple of beers I’d imagine you need to budget around £30 per person, but well worth it for a night out with friends or a monthly date night 🙂




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