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Brewhouse & Kitchen – Gloucester

Updated: May 6, 2020

Goodness it’s been a busy few weeks, sorry it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me! It’s all been going on, I got a Payrise at work woohoo! And then last week I had to have an injection in my wisdom tooth – ouch. Which means food hasn’t been quite so fun to eat lately. This week I’ve been up in one of my favourite cities – Liverpool, so will have lots to blog about on that soon. But for now I’m back in the Cotswolds, Gloucester Docks to be precise, at the Brewhouse & Kitchen.

This is the second time I’ve visited here, and I’m sorry I’ve not written about it before! Gloucester docks has recently become one of my favourite places to eat, with lots of lovely restaurants, mainly chains but most recently a few smaller and independent places have opened up. It’s a nice change when meeting friends who don’t live in Cheltenham itself, but also when you want something other than the hundreds of Cheltenham restaurants (perhaps during the races when it’s too busy!).

The Brewhouse & Kitchen has been open a little while now, and I’ve enjoyed it each time I’ve visited. The food is good, the portions are (a little too) large, the decor is great and it has a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. They have beautiful exposed brick walls, and glasses with their own name on.

For some reason, despite knowing full well how big their portions are, three of us decided to share a Camembert starter. D can’t say no to Camembert, it’s his favourite and cheese is high on my list of naughty foods. It was beautiful, full of aromas due to the herbs and garlic infused, and a good strong cheese. The only downfall with this starter is there wasn’t nearly enough bread for dipping – something I find in most restaurants when you order cheese. 

FullSizeRender (8)

For my main, surprise surprise I went for a burger. I’ve been quite good lately, so decided it was time for a treat (and now I’m trying to be good again!). I ordered the New Yorker, which was beef, cheese and pulled pork – yum! I loved it, the meat was perhaps a little over cooked but it was full of yumminess, a great amount of meat, pork and cheese and lovely fries on the side. Sadly they don’t do sweet potato fries, but sometimes I’m happy for a change! I also took photos of everyone else’s meals because they looked incredible – A&C shared a whole chicken which was ginormous, and D had a mountain of ribs. We had a 2 year old with us (D’s godson) as well, they had a great children’s menu, and every child’s favourite an activity book and pencils. In the restaurant they have books dotted around for you to read, including kids books which is a nice touch.  

FullSizeRender (9)

We didn’t order dessert as we were far too full, but they have a good, substantial menu if you did happen to have any room left.

Being a Brewhouse, they have a microbrewery on site, so a good variety of beers which of course are extremely local. You can book in to do tasting days, as well as beer brewing courses which could be a fun day out if you’re a beer lover.

I would definitely go back, it’s perfect for a quick and easy meal at affordable prices. There are a handful of them dotted around the country, predominantly in the South. You’re looking at around £5 for a starter, £10-£15 for a main and £5 for a dessert.

7.5 SPOONS/10



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