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Chicken Shop – London 

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

A couple of Friday’s ago one of the girls in the office got very excited to announce that she was going to get chicken, and did anyone want any. My immediate thought was Nandos – yes please! She quickly informed me that actually just around the corner from work is “the chicken shop”, which I had never heard of before so thought why not give it a try.

We wandered over at lunch time, to a place I never knew existed. Outside was a sign, but the restaurant itself was hidden away in a basement next to a nail salon!

Clearly I was the only person not in the know, this basement gem was bustling with customers, both seated in the restaurant and queuing for takeaway. It had a cool, warehouse type feel to it, simple yet effective. Staff were quick to respond in the busy environment, and we ordered our food to take out and sat down to wait.

The menu is very basic, chicken and chips, not as much variation as Nandos but it feels a little more natural. I’m not a fan of chicken on the bone, but this was the only choice, 1/2, 1/4 or whole chicken.

We took the food back to the office and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the amazing chicken shop sauce that came with the food, perfectly spiced and tasty which I poured all over it. The chicken fell off the bone and I found myself enjoying it more than I would have imagined. The only downfall was he chips. They weren’t particularly seasoned, could do with a lot more flavour and this was where the sauce came into its own. I would say they need to add something – be it salt, Peri peri or paprika, it would make for a perfect takeaway lunch!

If your looking for a bit of a treat on a Friday, or something quick and easy after work then this is a great option – although I wouldn’t head there for a nice evening out!

Prices are good – approx £12 each for a meal (plus drinks if you stay in).




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