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Cotswold Water Park Four Pillars Hotel – Cirencester

Updated: May 7, 2020

Apologies for my lack of communication, life has gone rather crazy lately… we’ve been busy decorating our house, and I’ve just accepted a new job at Deliveroo (yes – I’m going into the food industry for real!). So I’m back, with lots to talk about.

A couple of weeks ago, D and I were lucky enough to be taken for a spa day with his mum, she loves a good travel zoo deal and I’m certainly not complaining, we’re lucky enough to be treated regularly! So we headed off to try the Cotswold Four Pillars hotel in Cirencester.


When we were invited into the spa, the receptionist took us for a tour. We were shown the gym, pool and spa section, and then taken to where the restaurant and refreshment area was, and this is where it got a little strange. We were lead out of the spa area, down a corridor which went past a load of business meetings and a conference centre, into the restaurant, where we were told it was fine to wear our robes. It really took away from the spa feel, having to walk through a hotel business centre, and we didn’t feel particularly relaxed having to do this (or comfortable in our robes!!).

The gym itself was great, I went and did a workout before the spa, and there was a good choice of equipment and it was lovely and quiet. This is due to the fact that it was clearly a gym people use regularly.

The swimming pool area was nice, a good amount of beds considering it was quiet, but it would have been tricky if more people had turned up. There was a sauna, steam room and pool. It was lacking in a jacuzzi (which personally I feel is a per-requisite for calling yourself a spa) although there was a bubble section in the pool (but sadly it wasn’t hot enough). There was a big glass window which faced out to the car park – it would have worked better if they faced this to the lake or green hotel grounds. And the whole place felt like it needed a face lift, some money spent on it to make it more modern, with a lick of paint – the hotel felt tired.

The changing rooms however were much more up-to-date, enough space and clean and fresh. When we went up to the treatment area, there was a lovely champagne bar where you waited, and a lovely relaxation room which again I feel is vital for a spa.


Obviously a slightly different section compared to when I review restaurants, but the service is just as important in a spa! The receptionists were friendly and welcoming, and great at knowing when we needed to be where. I had a facial, whilst D and his mum both had a massage, and all 3 of this thoroughly enjoyed it. The treatment girls were spot on, I’ve had some bad facials in the past but it was lovely, I felt refreshed and relaxed after it was finished.

D and I then went and had a mud chamber – the first time I’ve done this and possibly the strangest thing I’ve ever done. This is where they let themselves down – they didn’t really explain what we were supposed to do, other than use the mud and sit in there for 20 mins. You basically cover yourself in mud and sit in a sauna (good for your skin I think!).

We went and had lunch, which was a benuto box (great idea..more about that later). The lady serving was helpful and dedicated, but we did have to ask for a few things (spoon, napkins etc).


As previously mentioned, we had these really cute little boxes of food for lunch. You could order either a picnic lunch (which was pork pies, cheese, cold, bread, sausage rolls etc) or a Mediterranean lunch (cured meats, olives, sundried tomatoes, rocket salad etc) which was what all 3 of us went for. It was delicious, and not overwhelming for a day at the spa (I’ve had plenty of spa days before with a heavy lunch which isn’t great for swimming!). There was just the right amount, the food was delicious and it all came with a bowl of soup to start (tomato soup), so something to warm you, followed by a very sweet raspberry cheesecake which I only needed a couple of bites of, but it finished off the meal perfectly.

Price and Rating

Looking on Spa 6’s website, the cost is quite high. You’re looking at around £100+ for a spa day including treatments and food, which personally I wouldn’t pay. However, if a deal comes up and you can get a bargain spa day, it’s definitely worth a visit (we paid around £60 for our spa day) just to spend a day with friends and relax. I do love a spa day (as does D) – so any chance to chill out and spend time together works for me.

Lovely with a voucher, lots of room for improvement!

Sweet Dreams,




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