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Diet Challenge – No Sugar

Updated: May 7, 2020

I’m so sorry it’s taken me a while to put this together, I’ve been so busy over the past few months with holidays (including getting engaged!), work and lots of exciting invites! But it’s about time I got back to you all, so I’ve put together my reviews of the past 3 month diets which I will release over the course of this week.

I knew when beginning this diet that it wasn’t going to be too tricky, as I have already tried Paleo and sugar is one of the things that you cut out from that diet. But this was a great way to see if sugar was one of the main things affecting my well-being, as Paleo had made me feel great.

What I liked…

This is very easy to follow. You don’t have to think too much about what you can and can’t have, although it’s quite tricky to eat out as a lot of places add sugar to their sauces without you knowing. I felt cleansed, my skin was in much better condition and once again, my nails were solid and grew really quickly. I lost a small amount of weight but it wasn’t enough to shout about.

What I didn’t like…

The headaches! It’s a well known fact that sugar is incredibly addictive, and I am no exception to that rule. The first week or so I had mid-morning headaches every day. I also found it REALLY hard having no sauce - pretty much every sauce you can think of has sugar in it as a preservative, so whilst you can still enjoy chips – they’re very bland! But on the flip side, this encouraged me to make my own sauces.

Good for you if…

You eat a lot of sweet things like biscuits, cakes and sweets. You will be forced to cut it out and amazed at what a difference it makes to your skin. I also felt less lethargic on it, as I wasn’t having sugar as an “energy boost” which made me feel much more naturally awake (I also don’t drink coffee!).

Recommended Restaurants

You can pretty much eat anywhere as long as you stay away from the sauces. I wouldn’t recommend Indian Restaurants as they have lots of sauces, but you can always have dry meat if you have to go there. Italian is pretty tricky too, as almost all of their dishes have a tomato sauce which is likely to contain sugar.

Hints and Tips

Try to eat at home more, and create your own dishes. This way you can still enjoy tasty food, but with your own natural ingredients.

It’s really hard to do in the summer – I’m a huge fan of BBQ’s (sausage and ketchup is my favourite) and I missed being able to have ice cream, but there are definitely alternatives to keep you going (try a fresh fruit ice lolly from Del Monte!).

Whilst this diet made my skin feel great again, I wouldn’t say I felt the full effects of the benefits (e.g. my hair was no different). If you truly want to feel how amazing you can by cutting out specific food that is bad for you, I’d definitely recommend going Paleo.

This is definitely something I could do again if I needed to, and I can understand why people like Davina McCall have cut out sugar completely. Every now and then though, I’d definitely need a treat!



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