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Diet Challenge – Slimming World

Updated: May 7, 2020

Hi Team! So it’s halfway through February, and I’m sat writing this on Valentines day whilst my Valentine flys home from Paris, lucky thing! I’m 14 days into a 28 day paleo diet (more to come next month) but feeling very proud of myself for getting this far. Although I must say, today has been hard. But as of tomorrow, the countdown begins!

In January, I tried out Slimming World, and below is my verdict. Happy reading.

The Diet

You can eat as many “free” foods as you like (meat, veg, rice, pasta, potatoes, fruit), provided your plate is filled with 2/3 speed foods (low calorie items like veg). You get up to 15 ‘syns’ a day for anything else (e.g. chocolate!) and you can have 1 item of fibre and 1 item of dairy a day.

What I liked…

It’s a very simple diet to follow. You can eat pretty much everything, it’s all about balance. Something that I believe most of us are fully aware of, but find hard to stick to. There’s a great community of people following this diet, so there’s lots of support there should you need it.

What I didn’t like… 

Honestly – the same things. I found it too easy, which led me astray, and I didn’t find it a challenge. I could eat everything I wanted provided I was careful, and I actually found myself eating more than I usually would, to use up my ‘syns’. It almost made me think about food more, because I was aware I was “dieting” but could have a few treats.

Good for you if…

You want to loose a lot of weight healthily. You need to give your body time to adjust, and if you’ve got a lot to shed then this is probably the diet for you. However, if you’re looking for a diet to really challenge you, and get you truly eating the correct foods for you, then I’m not so sure it’s the right one. It’s probably better as a long-term diet, but for the month-long trials I’m doing, I needed something to get my teeth into more. I believe that there’s other diets out there that can educate you better about which foods are good for you, and which are bad.

Recommended Restaurants

Pretty much anywhere you like! (Minus McDonalds, KFC etc!). Pizza is probably one to steer clear of – due to the high amounts of bread, but anywhere you choose to eat out are likely to do a light option which you will be able to eat.

All in all, an easy one, I did loose 5lbs so it definitely helped me to head in the right direction, but for me, I’m after more of a challenge. Onto Month 2!




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