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Diet Challenge – The Juice Programme

Updated: May 7, 2020

Alright, we all knew when I said I was going to complete 12 diets this year, I was going to have to do this one at some point. And July, just before one of my friends weddings seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I was extremely lucky that D agreed to do this one with me, as we both needed a bit of a kickstart. Boy was it hard, but, *spoiler alert* – it works!


What I liked…

The juices didn’t taste as horrible as I thought they would! Genuinely, I was dreading the flavour, but we ordered The Juice Programme, and all of their juices are apple based which adds an element of sweetness. It came frozen, and packaged nicely – we put everything in the freezer and defrosted it each day. You got 4 juices per day, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, and surprisingly they did fill me up!

They came with a great sheet which told you what to eat and when, I thought this was great to follow. 2 of the juices I was not particularly keen on, but the lemon one tasted just like fresh lemonade!

This diet works. I know it sounds silly, and it’s not something I’ve agreed with in the past, but we both felt great afterwards. You definitely need to use this as a kick start though – as it is short term and very easy to put the weight back on again.

I couldn’t believe it but over the course of 3 days, my skin and hair felt great. And I’ve never, in my life, felt so unbloated. For the first time in months I had a flat tummy, which felt amazing.

I lost 4lbs, and D lost 7.5lbs!!!! (That’s in 3 days!)


What I didn’t like…

I thought I would feel really energised doing this, but it was totally the opposite. I felt quite lethargic and by the end of each day I needed an early night. I couldn’t bare the thought of going to the gym.

Not being able to chew was a horrible sensation, and we felt like we had nothing to do in the evening! It was weird coming in from work and sitting in front of the TV with a bottle of juice, rather than coming home and cooking a meal.

Obviously we couldn’t go anywhere or drink alcohol, but for 3 days it’s easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Good for you if…

You’ve got a specific event coming up that you want to feel great for – I’d definitely do this again before our wedding! But I think also great if you’ve had a particularly bad few weeks food wise, and are feeling unhealthy so think you need a reset. This is a great way to hit the reset button and start again, you will feel totally cleansed after.


Recommended Restaurants

NONE! You can’t go out. Sorry guys, this ones a strict one I’m afraid!

Hints and Tips

Make sure you drink plenty of water, as it stops you feeling hungry. If you space the juices out well throughout the day though, it’s easy enough to stay full.

Don’t work at a food company (That one’s very niche!) like I do! I spend my days looking through menus and talking about food, which did not make this easy.

Don’t forget, you can still drink herbal teas, which are another way to get you through the hunger pangs.

This diet is expensive, if you order your juices from a supplier. There’s plenty of ways to do it yourself though, if you have time (and a juicer!) I would definitely recommend doing it the exact few days before an event – don’t have too much of a gap after as you’re likely to put weight back on.

This was really hard, and halfway through I thought I wouldn’t want to do it again, but when I saw and felt the results I realised how beneficial it can truly be, and I would head back if I ever needed to!



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