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Diet Challenge – Weight Watchers

Updated: May 7, 2020

It’s time to hold my hands up and apologies to Weight Watchers and Slimming World – I’m sorry! I really thought that these 2 were just different versions of exactly the same thing, and I now realise I was wrong.

Having tried Slimming World back in January, I realise now that they are different. Very similar ideals and principles, but what you actually can eat on each diet freely is completely different. I found it really hard to get my head around Slimming World, as you were so unrestricted I’m still unsure why it worked. But this was a different story, it made total sense and was essentially a way of re-educating you simply to eat healthily!

What I liked…

This diet makes sense. It’s simple, you can eat as much lean meats, vegetables and fruit as you like, and everything else you have to count as points. I also really like tracking my food, as it acts as a food diary. You could save up points each day for a treat meal once a week, or use them each day. It really encouraged me to eat more fruits, and truly think about what foods are good and bad for you.


What I didn’t like…

It is quite restrictive with that you can eat when you’re eating out – even if you have saved points you still have to be quite aware of what you’re eating and you can’t have a massive blow out. As with all diets, it’s pretty hard to drink alcohol, but I guess this is a plus as you start considering whether it is worth the calories!

Good for you if…

You need to remember what is good for you, or want to truly learn what is. Like Slimming World, if I was to do this again I’d go to the weekly classes to motivate me. WW has a fantastic online community so even if you can’t get to the classes there’s people that are in the same boat as you!

Recommended Restaurants

Again, you can be pretty flexible here by saving up your points, but you still need to be careful. It’s easier to go to chain restaurants as you can usually track them in the app, and look for the slightly healthier dishes on menus. Where possible, stick to meats and salads. 


Hints and Tips

Don’t go on holiday in the middle of this diet! I think to see true results, you need to stick at something like this for a while, but the good thing about it is that it helps you fit back into a healthier lifestyle which is most certainly sustainable.

If you’re going to drink alcohol, stick to things like Gin & Tonic, as this way you don’t loose too many points! 




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