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The Exante Diet - Part 1

Updated: May 6, 2020

Today was a first for me – I tried some diet food! It’s not something I’ve ever had before, but Exante were kind enough to send me some to try, and I was very excited. I think the reason I have avoided it until now is because when I was young my mum always used to have Slim Fast, and they never looked appetising! Exante are a great example of how much diet food has come on in the past few years. Although I started off with a milkshake, there is a lot more choice and different meals, that much more closely resemble “real” food. You can use them as simply meal replacement, or as your entire diet with 3 sachets a day. They’re really easy to use providing a fantastic fast meal, taking around 5 minutes to prepare, a great alternative to an unhealthy microwave meal!!

I started off with a strawberry milkshake, easy and simple to make. This would be great for breakfast, or lunch in the office. I quite enjoyed it, being a fan of milkshakes generally, it reminded me of Angel delight. I don’t generally love things that are really sweet, which made this perfect for me! There isn’t a huge amount of sugar in it, you need to make sure it’s mixed really well or it can taste a little powdery (I had to re-whisk), but I could certainly get on with it. If I was to use diet foods, I think this would be something I could definitely try more of, and would be intrigued to try some other milkshake flavours.

Sweet and sour noodles were the second thing I tried. I hate to admit it, but this one was always going to be a tricky one for me, as I don’t really like noodles, or sweet and sour, but I persevered. This is a big deal to me, I used to have a food phobia (and still do with certain things), and trying something new is a task I’ve built myself up to do over the past few years – it sounds silly but it still makes me a little nervous!  I have to admit it wasn’t my favourite – but they certainly tasted like noodles! The texture was good, much like a good pasta or noodle stir fry, with little bits of mince which I enjoyed. If you like noodles you will definitely enjoy this – it reminds me of a pot noodle, but with all the added bonus of being healthy.

Finally (for today anyway) it was time for the sausage mix. This one baffled me – as the instructions tell you to make it into the shape of a sausage! The mixture didn’t look the most appetising, but looks can be deceiving. I would say of the things I tried today, this would have been the favourite. It was full of flavour, similar to gravy, with a texture like stuffing! I think it would have tasted pretty good with a bit of ketchup! (Definitely not good for the diet though!)  


I must admit, I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to replace all of my food with these products, but if I did want to go on a diet and supplement my food Exante would definitely be one of my first choices, there are so many options and some good flavours.

Tomorrow, I will be trying some puddings, so look out for the next blog then! I’m rather excited about these – salted caramel pudding and maple syrup pancakes, two of my favourites and I have a feeling I’m going to prefer sweet to savoury. Thanks again to Amy at Exante for sending me these products to open me up to the world of meal replacements.

Looking forward to tomorrow,




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