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All About Gin

Updated: May 7, 2020


One of my favourite things in life. We’ve been friends for a long time, gin and I. I first remember deciding it was my tipple of choice about 10 years ago, when I went on my first ever business trip to Amsterdam with my lovely boss at the time Helen (we still enjoy drinking gin in European cities to date) who introduced me to it. I’d always thought it was an old mans drink, but when she encouraged me to try it, I was pleasantly surprised. My love affair with the drink has grown, as so many new varieties of both gin and tonic have joined the market place, and made it one of the most versatile drinks out there (and low calorie!) so I thought it was about time I let you all know some of my favourites… happy drinking!

The Basics

First things first – how do you drink it? There are so many different tonic brands out there now, it’s important you get it right. And in my opinion, there’s only one choice. Fever Tree – they’ve got it sussed. There’s some awesome flavours, from classic tonic water, to mediterranean, to elderflower, and lots of other brands are offering these too, but you can’t beat the flavour of Fever Tree. This is my go-to every time (I sometimes even get offended if a bar doesn’t have it on the menu). Gin should be served in a proper balloon glass, with lashings of ice. My favourite garnish is pink grapefruit, but you also can’t go wrong with a classic slice of lime.



What a truly great idea. Gin with ACTUAL collagen in it – it can make you look younger* (*Doesn’t actually advertise health benefits, but it’s fun to imagine!). The best part is, it’s delicious!

Garnish: Premium Indian Tonic Water & a slice of grapefruit


Cotswolds Gin

You can’t live in Cheltenham and not love this stuff. It’s local, and delicious. If you’re going to the Cheltenham Food & Drink festival, you won’t be able to miss this!

Garnish: Aromatic Tonic Water, Pink Grapefruit and a bay leaf

Cotswolds Gin

Elephant Gin

A fruity gin (apples are a major ingredient) inspired by rare African botanicals, it makes sense that I would love this (as elephants are my favourite animal).

Garnish: Naturally Light Tonic Water, A Slice of Fresh Apple, A Slice of Ginger

Sibling Gin

Another local product, I absolutely love the bottle this comes in. Created (literally) by siblings in Cheltenham, this gin is fresh and not too fragrant, so pairs well with most things.

Garnish: Mediterranean Tonic Water, Orange Peel


Winner of the Diageo “Show Your Spirit” competition, this has fast become one of my favourites. Citrusy, fresh Japanese flavours make this the perfect summertime drink.

Garnish: Naturally Light Tonic Water, Pink peppercorns


Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin 

These guys make some really interesting flavoured gin, but the elderflower is by far my favourite. Perfectly sweet, it needs nothing more than a good quality tonic water and some ice.

Garnish: Mediterranean Tonic Water 


Once again, served in a beautiful bottle, this gin makes me think I should be sitting in a park enjoying a picnic. That’s exactly what I plan to do this year, with a bucket of ice and strawberries in tow!

Garnish: Premium Tonic Water, Strawberries


This gin has a really distinct flavour, it’s extremely refreshing and hits the spot every time. Definitely a thirst quencher, be careful or you’ll be drinking it by the pint!

Garnish: Premium Tonic Water, Orange Peel

Williams Chase Extra Dry Gin

You can’t have a gin list without mentioning these guys. Their base spirit of vodka is made from potato’s and then turned into gin. (Obviously) a very dry gin, with hints of spice, it’s definitely one to put on your list!

Garnish: Lemon Tonic Water, Wedge of Lime

Williams Dry Gin


Finally, I can’t talk about gin without mentioning Tanqueray. It’s my go-to, if a bar is serving this as their house gin, I’m a happy bunny. Simple yet effective, it aims to please and never disappoints.

Garnish: Naturally Light Tonic Water, Wedge of Lime


I hope this gives you lots of exciting drinks to try over the summer, it definitely makes a BBQ more fun if you can add some garnishes to the mix, they’re almost a cocktail in it’s simplest form!

If you love gin as much as I do, I highly recommend the subscription box – it’s only £14 a month including delivery and you get 2 gins and 2 tonics (which have been specifically matched) each month – enough to make 4 g&t’s. It’s a great way to try lots of different gin’s (and tonics) that you may not otherwise have found, and at a much lower price than if you ordered them in a bar! Follow their gin intern – aka gintern (yes that’s a real job!) on instagram for a sneak peak of what might be coming up.

Fingers crossed the sun comes out soon, so you can get outside in the garden to enjoy some gin over ice.


Why don’t you get started over the bank holiday weekend…? 🙂

And trust me, this isn’t it.. there’s plenty more out there!

Happy Gin Cocktail Making!



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