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Holee Cow does Brunch – Cheltenham

Updated: May 6, 2020

You might think of Holee Cow as a burger restaurant (and one of the best in Cheltenham at that). You would be correct. However, there’s more to them than that. They also do an insane brunch menu (and don’t forget Holee Clucker is coming soon – now that I am truly excited about) and they kindly invited D and I in to try.


The design in this restaurant is great, it feels really industrial and I love the brick walls. Before it arrived in Cheltenham it was something that we were really lacking in, it definitely has an air of the London food scene about it.

It’s a relatively small space, but perfect for a casual lunch or bite to eat before heading out for drinks or to the cinema. Buzzing on a Friday or Saturday evening, it’s a perfect location for a quiet weekend brunch, but I suggest getting down there whilst it’s still quiet as this place is going to be one of the destinations for brunch in Cheltenham.



We were pretty ravenous when we went here, and had a busy day ahead of us, so both of us were pretty excited to get a good brunch inside us. They have a specials board, and occasionally do serve chicken and waffles, but sadly this was not on the menu when we went. D decided to go for a full American, whilst I opted for smashed avo with, you guessed it, a side of hash browns!

I’ve never seen bacon so crispy, and such a full plate of avocado, I was in heaven. And to top it all of, they even put sundried tomatoes on top – which for me is probably the best thing I could possibly eat. It was delicious, I can’t wait to go back soon and try out the fluffy pancakes (or if I time it right, chicken and waffles!)


The full American looked equally as delicious, with beautiful orange yolks and spicy beans, it was the perfect fulfilling breakfast for 2 very hungry adults.


The service in here is great – especially if you get there early whilst it’s still relatively quiet. The staff are really friendly, they care about what they are doing and want you to have a good time. They also don’t rush you – sometimes when you go into busy restaurants you get the feeling that they want you to leave as soon as possible to get the next table in, but here you definitely are made to feel like you are welcome as long as you wish to be there.

Price and Rating

This place is perfect if you’re on a budget. Breakfasts are all £8 and under, and burgers start at £7. For good quality Gloucestershire beef, that is a bargain.

Definitely give this place a try, you won’t be disappointed. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the opening of Holee Clucker!




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