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Koffman & Mr White’s – Bath

Updated: May 6, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to try out Koffman & Mr. Whites – the new restaurant which opened in The Abbey Hotel in Bath, in October 2018. We decided to make a weekend of it, and headed down for a night away, and booked in our table at the first venture between Pierre Koffman & Marco Pierre White, and we were utterly blown away. Bath is somewhere which has an unrivalled restaurant scene, and this beautiful combination of French and English cuisines has slotted in perfectly.


Set in the stunning area just outside Bath Abbey, I always feel warm and fuzzy walking into The Abbey Hotel. They have a number of beautiful bars & restaurants, and this is no different. I loved the ambience in the restaurant, it felt special yet relaxed, romantic but also perfect for a group meal, and we spent some of the meal checking out their decor and taking inspiration for our own home. Being only a couple of weeks until Christmas, it was of course feeling very festive in there.

When we arrived, it was relatively quiet, but as there are lots of different little areas to the restaurant, it didn’t feel empty. Once it filled up later in the evening, this worked perfectly the other way around, as it wasn’t too overcrowded despite there being lots of people in the restaurant. It was the perfect setting for a wonderful evening meal.


I’ve been so excited about talking about this meal. It was divine. I know I’ve said this before, but I often find it relatively easy to select items from a menu, as I can be pretty fussy, but I had a spread of options which made it difficult to decide, it all sounded so delicious!

D is a huge lover of French Onion Soup – so that was a given for him. It arrived, covered in a beautifully thick layer of cheese, and when he broke through the top, it was flavourful, creamy and perfect for dipping in a nice crusty piece of sourdough bread. I was determined to have a dessert, so decided to stick to a “light” starter – Assiette de charcuterie, cornichons and sourdough (an antipasti board). It was huge! And delicious, not something I order often, I really enjoyed the meats, and the sourdough bread was perfect.

For mains, we both played it safe. Sometimes I think this is the true test of a restaurant, if they can get the classic dishes right, they’re onto a winner. I ordered haddock and chips, it was a contender for the largest piece of fish I’ve ever received. The batter was crispy, fresh, and not oily at all. The haddock was meaty and flaky, I could have eaten the whole dish again (if I weren’t so full up!). And the chips were those delicious, flavourful, thick cut chips which you don’t even need sauce for (you know the ones I mean). D had the most succulent, perfectly cooked (medium-rare of course) piece of steak, with tomatoes which I was incredibly envious of. We were both over the moon with these delectable meals.

I told you we were determined to try the desserts. I was feeling a little on the full side though – so ordered the sorbets – mango and lemon. This came with a crumble of meringue over the top, the lemon was tart (in a good way) and the mango tasted as if I was eating a real frozen mango. If I could eat that every day that would make me an extremely happy person. D ordered the bitter chocolate mousse – it was the most beautifully presented dish, and I’ve never seen him eat dessert so quickly. It was thick, creamy and the perfect ending to a lovely meal.

We were both incredibly blown away by the food, and can’t wait to visit here next time we are in Bath.


We were well and truly looked after from start to finish. Every single one of the staff members were happy to be there, cared about the restaurant, and made us feel relaxed and welcome.

Our waiter introduced himself, and we ended up having a really lengthy conversation throughout the meal, it made us feel like he really cared, I love visiting a restaurant when you walk out and feel like you’ve made friends with the staff. He knew the menu and wines well, and was great at advising us what we should order. It was the perfect service.

Price and Rating

This restaurant truly is a “treat yourself” restaurant. It’s around £7-£10 for starters and desserts, and £15+ for mains. Totally worth the price for the environment that you enter into.

If you’re heading to Bath for the weekend, a day trip, or live in Bath and are looking for a special date night, or perfect occasion restaurant, I highly recommend putting Koffman & Mr. Whites on your radar.




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