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Lunya – Liverpool

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

This isn’t the first time I’ve visited Lunya, and I’m certain it won’t be the last. I’m somebody who loves pizza, but gets bored halfway through and wants a change of taste, so tapas is the perfect meal out to me!

When La Tasca in Cheltenham closed down, I was devastated. My boyfriend and I were actually planning to go there for dinner that evening, and arrived at the restaurant to find it closed. Cheltenham now lacks in tapas – so anyone that is reading this PLEASE come and open up a lovely Spanish tapas restaurant in Cheltenham 🙂

Therefore, when I visit Liverpool, I am always keen to fulfill my craving of delicious Spanish food, and Lunya never disappoints.

D and I ordered Sangria to drink, a very reasonable drink and much lighter than wine (which is our usual drink of choice). It came with fruit a plenty, and deliciously chilled with ice, making us feel like we were in Spain!

“Sharing is caring” – my boyfriend’s family’s favorite saying – so tapas is perfect. We ordered a variety of dishes between us: the Chorizo burger, the Croquetas (of the day – ham and manchego cheese), Spanish tortilla, albondigas, patatas bravas and chicken in a cumin, saffron and lemon sauce. Albondigas are always my favorite, and I’m a sucker for chorizo, but on this occasion the chicken dish won out. The patatas bravas have quite a kick – although I’m not great with spices so I’m sure others would call me a wuss. The croquetas were extremely meaty and cheesy, and the spanish tortilla was just as expected. The albondigas were cooked so that they melted in your mouth, but the only disappointment was the chorizo burger. Generally, I’m not a huge fan of burger’s in a tapas, but these were mini ones made entirely of chorizo. I would rather have chorizo fresh and cooked in olive oil, but this wasn’t an option, and the burger just felt unauthentic and generic. The cool thing about the restaurant is that it is 1/2 restaurant, 1/2 delicatessant – so you can buy many of the meats and cheeses. However, they take some of the dishes on the menu from the deli, and therefore the chorizo, although with lots of choices, was served cold (they specify on the menu whether dishes come from the kitchen or the deli). We chose against it, and next time I think I would miss chorizo altogether (unless they put it cooked on the menu!) The chicken was a surprise, it looked like it was on the bone, but I was pleasantly surprised when I cut into it to see that it was all tender meat, cooked in a delectable sauce, which I wasn’t certain I would like, but it brought the meat to life.

All of it was delicious, and extremely filling! The waiter recommended 3-4 dishes each, we shared 6 (so at the lower end!) and were stuffed at the end. Certainly didn’t need another 1 – let alone 2 more! The dishes come out as they are ready, which I love because it means you keep getting extra little surprises (I generally forget what I order when it’s this many dishes). And the food is fresh and hot, just how it should come. It also means if you wanted to order more you could, so personally I would recommend ordering 3 each to start.

All in all, a wonderful evening and I will most certainly return next time I’m in Liverpool.

Be warned – they stop serving at 9pm on certain days, so make sure you don’t arrive too late and check the website before you go.

There are lots of options in terms of price – you can order tapas individually like we did, and they generally range between £6-£10 per dish. Alternatively, you can get sharing platters which start around £25 pp, and these are a mixture of their most popular tapas (we worked out it wasn’t really worth the saving, as we wanted to choose our own). They also do Paella if you are willing to share (minimum 2 people as it’s cooked fresh), you can order cheeseboards which are a variety of the cheeses from the deli, and on special occasions you can order a whole pig! I would say they are at the high end of tapas prices, but worth it for the friendly, authentic atmosphere.

The staff are friendly and attentive, and extremely aware of what’s going on in the restaurant.

All in all, I would give Lunya an 8/10, and look forward to returning.




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