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Prithvi – Cheltenham

Updated: May 7, 2020

Have you been to Prithvi? If not, you MUST add it to your Cheltenham bucket list! I know it’s been around a while, and I’m fully aware of the reputation that it upholds, so sorry I’m a bit late jumping on the bandwagon but do you know how hard it is to get a table?! Fortunately, I didn’t have to – our lovely friends took D and I there last week as a belated 30th birthday gift to him (it was booked back in October) and we had a lovely time!

You know about my fear of all foods unknown, so I have to admit I was a little nervous heading in there, but I had no reason to worry as they were incredible at catering for everyones requirements.


The place is intimate, with only around 10 tables (sorry if my guesstimate is off) and low lighting. We were probably the loudest table in there, oops! It’s exactly what you’d like to walk into when visiting a fine dining establishment. Each table has a little table next to it as a handbag stand – very useful, other restaurants take note. There is no hustle & bustle, and you don’t get too many people walking in and out of the restaurant, due to the fact that you need to book well in advance to get a table here on a Friday, and I can certainly see why.

It’s perfect for a date night, or a catch up with friends, but it’s most certainly not somewhere you can go for a raucous affair! If you have a special occasion coming up, this should definitely be high on the list.


1 word. Impeccable.

I could genuinely leave it at that, but I won’t. I love it when all of your dishes come out together, and that’s exactly what happens here. Despite the small number of tables, there are plenty of waiters, who bring all of your dishes out and set them down at once. The waiters were friendly and discreet, ensuring that we had everything that we needed without being overly fussy.

We all know I’m a bit of a ponce when it comes to food, I desperately wanted to have the tasting menu (I do trust chefs, honest!) but I knew I wouldn’t eat one of the courses (scallops – see my earlier post @ Dormy House). I had a chat with our waiter, and they were more than happy for me to switch the course out for anything of the same elk on the main menu, or a vegetarian option. I went for the vegetarian option and was not disappointed. The best part was that the waiter didn’t make me feel like I was doing something wrong, which I so often do when I ask restaurants to swap things for me.


Divine. Indian food has been one that I have learnt to love over time, but this was a different experience entirely. The food was light and refreshing, and the flavours were to die for.

We had a couple of amuse bouches to start, a small pastry type dish full of tomatoes, onions and incredible flavours, followed by a little cup of soup. Then came the full tasting menu.

The dish that I had swapped was the starter, and instead of scallops I had a potato salad, it was amazing. I was so happy with my choice, and would certainly have it again! It was like a twist on Bombay potatoes, with tomatoes, leaves, beetroot and chutneys.

Next came the lamb, crumbed in a coating full of Indian spices, I’m not usually one for lamb but with all of the flavours of the dish, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 


Another item I was nervous of was the Sea Bass, seafood is usually something that falls to the bottom of my list when it comes to food groups, but eureka! I’ve now discovered a fish that I really enjoy (other than Cod & Chips). It might have something to do with the fact that it was really meaty, but the spicy sauce that it came in certainly added to the flavour. 


Next came one of my absolute favourites, Venison, which was cooked to purely pink perfection, in a lovely sauce with vegetables, and last but no means least the dessert, which was an odd carrot cake type thing, with some sweet, crunchy caramel and creamy ice cream. This would potentially be something I’d swap again if I was to revisit, but I still managed to eat it all :).

We had the wine flight with our meal, something I’ve never actually done before. It was fun trying lots of different wines, there were some amazing ones, and it’s incredible to see how well they and the food make each other stand out. I’m not a fan of dessert wine, and would still like to swap that for a normal one, but I did understand how it went with the dessert (provided you stick to drinking it WITH your food, it tastes fine!)

Price and Rating 

Naturally, this place does come with a price tag. It’s not cheap, but that’s not the reason you’d go there – It’s a really special treat, and if you have a big occasion to celebrate then this is definitely somewhere that should be on your list. The tasting menu (Tour of Prithvi) is £53 pp, but when you consider all the different things that you get to experience, it’s actually very reasonable. You can order courses separately if you don’t want lots of dishes, but if this is the first time you’re visiting why not give the chef a chance to show off.

They do have a great lunch menu as well (incase you need to impress some clients, or simply have a treat for lunch) which is 3 courses for £25.

Take a look at their website for more info, there’s some amazing photos on there to whet your appetite!




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