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Simpson’s Fish & Chips - Cheltenham

Updated: May 7, 2020

Sorry folks, it’s been a busy week! So as I mentioned, last Friday I was privileged to be invited to the relaunch of Simpson’s Fish and Chips in Cheltenham – The Number 1 independent Fish and Chip Shop in the country! I was really excited to be asked to join in the celebrations, and it was my first sip of alcohol since January started (I NEARLY completed dry January). It was so busy! The place was open on the shop side to normal customers, but they had closed off the brand new restaurant and taken out the tables, ready for a plethora of guests.

The staff were all dressed in their Simpson’s red headbands, and the champagne was flowing. People were really excited, it was a buzzing atmosphere. We walked into the restaurant and my goodness what a transformation! I would not normally think to go out for fish and chips and sit in, to me it’s a takeaway menu, but I will definitely be heading back to Simpson’s to sit down for a meal. The look they’ve gone for us really cool, contemporary with some awesome artwork around the place. The booths are a great touch, and the bar looks lovely. It has the feel of a really swish New York Apartment (one id like to live in!) they even had a trio of singers doing some swing style songs which was great fun!

They were serving canapés as opposed to full on meals – which made sense considering the amount of people there. It was delicious, as expected, if a bit odd. Don’t get me wrong, their food is always awesome and I am a huge brand champion of Simpson’s, happy to shout about it to anyone who will listen, but they were serving a few items that I don’t believe are on their menu. We had some battered haloumi (always a fave), and some battered mozzarella balls. If they did want to serve these as a usual menu option, I would be over the moon to add it onto my takeaway order! They were cheesey and flavoursome, and I really liked the idea of something different served in a chip shop.

Next came out fish cakes – something I’ve never been particularly keen on but in trying to like fish more these are a good step in the right direction. And they really helped!! They were lovely and full of potato mixed in with some lovely seasoning, I thoroughly enjoyed them and would like to go back for more. And the thing we’d all been waiting for finally arrived – the delectable Simpson’s Fish and Chips. A cute mini cone, with their own printing, the perfect combination. Their chips are just the right amount of crisp, fluffy and light in the middle and well salted. The fish is incredibly meaty, and the best part about all of their food is a distinct lack of grease, that is what makes them a cut above the rest. I can’t wait to revisit when the place is in full swing, and am thankful for the opportunity to come and see it in all its glory.

If your looking for great fish and chips in cheltenham, make sure you get down to Simpson’s.

Standard fish and chip shop prices make it all the more better, it’s no pricier than anywhere else, your looking at around £5-£8 for a meal. And even better for anyone that’s missed out – they have one-off gluten free days… Look out for them!

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10 SPOONS/10



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