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Smiths of Spitalfields - London

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Spitalfields market is simply one of the most beautiful places, I always feel like you’ve stepped into somewhere magical, particularly when it’s all shut up at night and all of the restaurants are lit up.

Last week I went to catch up with friends at Smiths – where I had heard great things. To be honest, I liked it, but I wasn’t overwhelmed.

Hidden away around the corner from the market, it’s an easy 10 minute walk from Euston or kings cross. The staff welcomed us and seated us promptly – we had booked a table in the restaurant (you can eat in the bar, cafe bar or restaurant). They were friendly and professional, all in all great service from the staff.

We looked at the menus and decided to go for the 2 course set menu.  As this place is known for meat I was after my favorite – a burger. The 2 course menu comes with a glass of prosecco, which made it worthwhile. I didn’t particularly fancy any of the starters but it was still cheaper to order that and not eat the starter, than a burger and a drink.

The starters were far too fussy for a meat restaurant, there was nothing sinple and I didn’t actually like any of them – so between the 3 of us we ordered the 3 options for them to share (there should have been a 4th simpler option). Mine was a beetroot and goats cheese salad, which had some interestingly coloured beetroot! We all picked at it along with theirs, but it wasn’t amazing so we left some. When the waiter came to take away the plate he asked me if anything was wrong as I hadn’t eaten much, and I explained that I was just waiting for my main. I always feel it’s awkward when staff ask if there’s a problem due to lack of eating, I’d rather you just clear my plate no questions asked, equally I do understand.

When the burger arrived it looked great – all piled up with clearly homemade burger in the middle. Cheese was melting out the side, and it was fairly medium rare (having asked for medium) when I bit in to it, but nonetheless juicy and delicious.

There was some perfectly crisped bacon on top, along with some salad and lovely steak cut chips. The bun was toasted perfectly.

My friend had asked for hers to be medium rare, and it was more on the rare side, they seem to cook it one less than what you ask for – so if you happen to visit bear this in mind! Upon ordering she also asked for her bun not to be toasted, which they found really difficult to comprehend, so she gave up and just had it as it comes.

I think that evening my appetite was smaller than usual, so I wasn’t particularly enthused about eating, which may have affected my opinion, but all in all I thought it was okay. I wouldn’t hurry back there, but I wouldn’t say no to revisiting if someone else wanted to go.

Next time I might try eating in the bar – there was a quiz night going on but it had fantastic atmosphere and they hold a lot of live music events!

Prices are good if you eat from the set menu – as I said £17.50 for a starter, main and prosecco (would be good if you could have starter or dessert). The main menu is a bit pricier – ranging from £10-£30 for steaks.




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