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The Fire Station – Cheltenham

Updated: May 6, 2020

I feel like a kid in a candy shop at the moment – only I’m an adult that loves food. I am so lucky to live in Cheltenham, it’s a foodies paradise and the list just keeps growing. And thanks to you lovely readers, I now get invited to openings so I can try all the scrumptious delights and feed back!

I was invited to the opening of the Fire Station, which was amazing, but I didn’t want to blog about it until I’d returned for a proper meal, which I managed to squeeze in last week. So I shall start with the opening, and then include the delicious lunch I tried the other day.

Firstly, the minute you walk around the corner to the Fire Station, the incredible architecture stands out. The building itself is beautiful, with cool, striking original features and a wonderful bright and airy setting. Perfect for a summers day, I couldn’t get over how lovely it was in the sunshine. Each section is slightly different, you walk into a front area with some quirky little hidden corners, and follow through to a stunning bar with exposed brickwork, and a huge array of bottles which include a ladder to reach the top ones. Then there is a windy staircase which leads upstairs to some large booths underneath a windowed roof – it feels like you’re in a greenhouse. It’s the sort of place I’d love to go in pouring rain, as the sound would be incredible. There is even a little private room at the back, with some grand tables which could be pretty awesome to hire out.

When we arrived on the opening night, they were making some delicious (and pretty strong) cocktails. A summer cocktail of elderflower, gin and prosecco, or a mojito. Then there were a selection of tasting ales and lagers. The cocktails were perfect, on a hot summers day I could happily spend the afternoon sipping away! The only let down that evening was the lack of food. There is an open grill where they were cooking some meat which look flavoursome and tender, however unless you were stood right at the front you had pretty much no chance of trying it. We managed to get our hands on some lamb kebabs and chicken wings towards the end of the night, which had a rich, smoky, barbecue taste, but that was it. We actually had to go out for dinner when we left! This was a real shame, as there should have been a lot more food coming out, it seemed to be a tray of food every 20 minutes which wasn’t enough for the people there. It was pretty bad when we were starving hungry and hadn’t had anything, but saw the manager eating!

So we slipped away, having thoroughly enjoyed what we had managed to eat, and I vowed to head back ASAP to try it out.

The menu at The Fire Station is great, due to its originality, and the fact that there aren’t many of these BBQ style restaurants. When I returned I was excited to try something out. I had an elderflower cooler to drink which was amazing. It took quite a while to come, but was definitely worth the wait.

I ordered the house sausages with aioli and flatbread, and was not disappointed. Their chefs have got it just right, there were so many different flavours to the meal that complimented each other perfectly. It was a huge meal, I certainly didn’t need 3 sausages, but I would definitely order it again. The meals come with a side salad and fries, and the waitress did have to be asked for all of these individually as she kept coming back without them. The staff may need a little more training on their menu. My friend had the lamb kebabs, which were actually even better than the ones from the opening night. Everything was extremely well presented, and I can’t wait to go back and try something else on the menu!

FullSizeRender (3)

We did have a cheeky little dessert, just some ice cream which was a delightful way to finished off a yummy meal 🙂

The breakfast look like they are going to rival some of the top places in Cheltenham, and that is tricky considering how many immense breakfasts there are here. They also do “boozy brunch” on a Saturday, where you get a meal and unlimited prosecco for a certain amount of time.

Staff were friendly if a little slow, but this can be allowed for as its all so new.

The meals are very reasonable, prices are around £8-£10 for a main course which is a bargain for such well made, high quality food.

I will definitely be back to try out some other things, and it’s a great place to meet friends for a drink in a part of town that really lacks great bars.




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