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The Gift Guide

Updated: May 7, 2020

Let’s face it, we all know someone who has everything that they want. It gets to December and they tell you about that new top that they wanted which they went and bought last week, or a new book they’ve been dying to read which they went and bought themselves recently. We all know they simply want to make it difficult for you to buy them gifts :).

Over the past couple of years, subscription boxes have been taking the UK by storm – such a convenient and easy way to get things that you need, or want, without having to make a decision, or even leave the house. With just a weekend to go until Christmas, I’ve put together a guide of some of my favourites, which I have spent the past few months researching. Hopefully, you’ll find there’s something for everyone here.

For the Cocktail Connoisseur

Microbarbox (£29 + P&P – Monthly)

Cocktails delivered to your door every month – what more could you want? These guys send you between 8-14 units of alcohol each month for you to create your very own cocktails. It comes with great little recipe cards, snacks to accompany your drinks, and if you love gin, every other box focusses solely on gin (or you can just order gin every month!). It’s such a fun idea, and if you know someone who loves to host, this will get them creating cocktails whenever you go and visit – a win win for everyone. Hopefully they’ll be so happy with their creations, they could even put together their own little recipe book to share with you.

For the Lover Of Luxury who needs some me time

Moi Même (£54.95 – Quarterley, £199.95 – Annually)

I absolutely LOVE this box, and would happily buy it for myself. Out of all of the beauty boxes you can order, this is probably my favourite, and the one in which I used most of the products. The idea behind the box is to create a little bit of me time for females, but rather than receiving samples through the post each month, you receive full sized product. And it’s a variety of things, all personalised to you – you provide them with a few details including skin & hair type, favourite colours and your name, so each box will be slightly different. It’s a lovely surprise to receive through the post every three months, and they support independent brands. The best part is, if there’s an item you receive and you’d prefer a different design, you can swap!

For the Beauty Addict who loves to try new things

Glossybox (£10 + p&p – monthly) OR Birchbox (£10 + p&p – monthly)

If you know someone who loves to try out the latest beauty trends, either of these boxes are a fantastic idea, and both really good value. They tend to include a variety of different samples, and often 1 full sized product. Being quite large players in the subscription box world, both of these guys clearly have some big buying power, which means you can get some great stuff in these boxes for a really low value. You also get discount on their online shop, where they stock many of the products full sized. Birch box do some incredible offers where you can often get 2 boxes for £10 when you first sign up. I would highly recommend ordering these over the summer – as they have some fab holiday products which may save you a trip to boots!

For the Book Binger

Book Box Club (From £26 – or £12 if you just want the books monthly) OR My Chronicle Book Box (£45 – quarterley)

Both of these boxes are slightly on the pricier side, but if like me, you are a total bookworm, it will be one of the best gifts you can receive. Book Box Club is aimed at young adults – a book genre which I love! It’s the perfect gift for someone who loves books, and reads them in abundance – you get a themed box each month with a book & goodies related to the book. My Chronicle Book Box is slightly different, in that they have 2 categories – crime and mystery or science fiction & fantasy. If you’re a fan of either of these categories, it’s a fantastic quarterly box which will supply you with a good stack of books (you get 3 in each box), along with book related items. I’d recommend either of these as a great gift for someone who loves a good read!

For the Lover of all things Scent

Secret Scent Box (£15 – monthly)

This is a fantastic idea for someone who likes to change up their fragrance regularly. Infact – if you have this box, you will never need to buy perfume again! You get 3 mystery scents each month – there is a female and a male version of the box. It’s fab if you don’t like buying a whole box of perfume each time, or if you just want to try something new. And its fantastic value for some really varied (and sometimes expensive) scents.

For the Wine Connoisseur

Sippbox (£29 – monthly

This box is perfect if you love wine, but don’t need a huge box of it each month. You get 3 bottles of wine a month, all carefully selected with tasting notes and a really cool app you can download to learn more about where the wines come from. It’s great for the occasional drinker, who likes to know about what they’re drinking and where it’s from. I really enjoyed the wines that I received last month, and it was so exciting receiving a box of wine in the post!

For the Eco-Warrior Beauty Queen

Petit Vour ($15 + p&p – monthly)

All of the beauty products in this box are cruelty free and vegan friendly. Shipping from the US, it’s good value but the shipping can put the cost up. If you know someone who’s keen to buy their beauty products from cruelty-free brands, and likes to try new things, this is the perfect gift. It’s a fantastic way to learn about new products out there that will help you be kind to the environment.

For the Book Lover who likes to spend a night locked away

Date Night With A Book (£11.95 – monthly)

I think this is my favourite box which I received. What book lover doesn’t love a specially selected book, wrapped in brown paper, appearing on their doorstep once a month. I don’t think I could name one! You send over your. 5 favourite books, and they pick books for you to read that they think you’ll love, and it arrives along with a little treat and a hot chocolate, perfect for a night in the bath!

For the Prosecco Fiend

Princess Prosecco (Starting at £28.50 + p&p – monthly)

There’s not a single reason I can think of not to love this idea. If you know someone who loves to celebrate life with the sparkly stuff, why not treat them to a bottle every month? You can even send them 2 for a discount! Princess Prosecco source some of the best Prosecco you can get, and if you upgrade to their premium bottle it’s vegan friendly too. It arrives beautifully packaged, with a miniature and the recipe to make your own cocktail too. What’s not to love?

For the Self-Taught Interior Designer

Athena Box(£48 – monthly)

Again this one is a little on the higher budget side, but boy is it worth the cost. This beautiful box of goodies for your home is the perfect way to keep the little touches in your house fresh and exciting each month. Something I’d love to receive on a regular basis (perhaps a replacement for flowers?!) this box contains different items each month to make your house look beautiful. We’re saving some of the December box items for our wedding – perfect!

For the Man (or Woman) with Everything

Society Socks (£15 – monthly)

Each month, a lovely little package with 2 pairs of socks turns up to your door. Now I know that sounds like a really odd idea, but I actually love getting new socks. And with some really jazzy patterns on them, these are great for someone who you’re really struggling to buy for. The best thing about them – is that for every 2 pairs of socks you receive, Society Socks donate 2 pairs of socks to the homeless. My favourite idea to have come out of the subscription box world to date!

For the Stationary Obsessed

Scribe Box (£16.50 – monthly) OR Happy Mail Club (£12 + p&p – monthly)

Let’s face it, we all love raiding a stationary cupboard. So how about receiving your own little goodies each month. Scribe box is a lovely little personalised box of stationary that arrives monthly, and includes cards, pencils, pens and notebooks, and each month you get 1 month which is personalised (I’ve had some lovely notebooks with my name on.

Happy Mail Club is a local independent business in Cheltenham who I love to support, and each month you receive greeting cards, wrapping paper and little stationary items.

Both of these are a lovely little gift which will keep your very own stationary cupboard topped up.

For Someone who likes a little Smile

Treatbox – (Starting at £13.95 – monthly)

Curated by you, treat box have a lovely website where you go on each month and select from over 250 goodies, and add them to your box. Then a box of things to make you smile will arrive through the post. I think this a fab idea for a friend, as you can put together a completely unique box filled with things you think they will love – just like a gift but even more exciting because it arrives through the post, and regularly!

For The Independent Beauty Shopper

Little Known Box (£12.45 + p&p – monthly)

If you’re willing to spend a little more on a beauty box than what Birchbox or Glossybox cost, then I personally would pick this one every time. Supporter of independent businesses, the Little Known Box put together a selection of beauty products each month, but the USP is that they’re all from independent sellers. A fab way to learn about new brands, and support small, local businesses, it’s a beautifully wrapped box of goodies that will make you feel good in more ways than one.

I hope you’ve managed to find something for everyone here… if you’ve got any suggestions of any others I should try please let me know, as I love trying new boxes. Don’t worry – I’ve not forgotten about the Gin. is my favourite of all, and you can read my full review of their boxes in their own post!

Merry Christmas!



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