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The Indian Guy – Gloucestershire

Updated: May 6, 2020

Have you been to visit The Indian Guy yet? If you haven’t – he’s a must go see! Relatively new to the Cheltenham (and beyond) food scene, Jin and his wife Esther are cooking up some of the greatest Indian street food I’ve tasted, and it’s all vegetarian (trust me, as an avid meat eater, it’s worth a taste).


They kindly invited us to try some of their dishes, and we were utterly blown away.

We headed down to The Kemble, which is a local pub where they were cooking out of the little kitchen there.

Open to sampling as much of the (interchangeable) menu as we could, they created us a platter of different items so that we could get a feel for what all of their street food is about. I walked away from that meal believing that if you’re going to eat vegetarian food, Indian street food is definitely the best way to go. The flavours and textures create a perfect combination which leaves you satisfied and full, without missing the meat – it really doesn’t need it.

They do a variety of individual dishes, or you can try a platter which is a little bit of everything (which is what I’d recommend).

We began with puri’s – little Poppadom style balls filled with some of the best tastes I’ve had. It contained potato, chickpea, onion and coriander with a dash of tamarind water. You popped it in your mouth whole, and the flavours burst from the centre – it was delicious, crunchy and the perfect introduction to the flavours of this wonderful street food.


Next up was the Pav Bhaji- mash potato & vegetable mix, cooked in Indian spices and served, traditionally, on a toasted bread roll. It’s Indian winter comfort food in a mouthful. I could keep going back for more, and more, and more again.

The aloo tikki with homemade chutney was the star of the show for me – purely because I don’t usually like chutney – and this time I did! It was a beautiful medley of potato, peas and indian spices fried. Everything worked in tandem perfectly with each other and it was this dish that made me think “wow – you don’t always need meat to make a dish tick”.


We opted for the mildest version of the Chilli Paneer, being total wusses when it comes to spices. It still had a little kick, and having not had paneer before (to my knowledge) it has swiftly become one of my favourites – it’s similar to halloumi I would say – an a very popular cheese in Indian dishes. Despite it being mild, the flavours were incredible, another dish I can’t wait to get my hands on again. (Writing this post is making me hungry!)

You can hire The Indian Guy for corporate events, weddings, parties (or anything else you can think of!) but they also do some pop-up residencies at local pubs, bars and festivals, so follow them on social media, or head to their website to check out where they are going to be next.

I absolutely loved meeting these guys, not only was their food great but they were some of the loveliest people I’ve met – I really want everyone to experience them and their cuisine so head on down to their next event, you won’t be disappointed.




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