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The Plough - Kingham

Updated: May 7, 2020

A couple of months ago we were invited to The Plough at Kingham, and this was something I was incredibly excited about. Having heard great things about The Plough before, I couldn’t wait to get over there and get stuck in to their rumoured-to-be amazing food, and upon arrival we were treated to 3-courses of deliciousness, an amazing country, cosy pub atmosphere and the loveliest and most attentive and friendly staff. Well worth the trip, it certainly comes highly recommended from me!


We visited The Plough on a busy Saturday evening, just a couple of weeks after our wedding, so we were excited for a post mini-moon date night. We were shown into one of the cosy dining rooms – it was full of people enjoying their meal, everyone in the restaurant seemed happy, well looked after and relaxed. The staff were keeping people topped up with drinks, and quietly ensuring that all customers had everything that they needed. The pub feels like a secluded country haven, I love the decor, lighting and feel to the place.

The whole place feels like the perfect place no matter what your requirements – chilled out date night, big family lunch or fun evening out with friends. The garden is also lush, sadly we visited in winter, but it would be a great place to enjoy during the summer.


Totally and utterly delicious. Exactly the kind of food you would expect from an upmarket gastro pub. We were spoilt for choice with the menu, spending a long time deliberating over which dishes we were going to order between us, to try as many of the things on offer as we possibly could (without being too full at the end!). Their food is locally sourced where possible, and menus change regularly, so the menus you can find online are samples (I love this because they use seasonal produce!).

We decided the ‘salt pig’ charcuterie board sounded too good to miss, and we were right. Enough for a few to share, D and I devoured the incredibly cured meats, tasty fresh baked bread, olives and pickles. We loved this as a starter, but would happily enjoy this as a sharer over a glass (or bottle!) of wine.

Feeling fishy – which is quite unusual for the pair of us, I ordered a good old fashioned fish & chips, whilst D opted for the fish pie. The fish was crispy, huge and flavoursome. The chips were some of the best skin-on chips I’ve tried, and I gleefully enjoyed a side of honey-glazed carrots, something which tips me over the edge of happiness when they’re done right (and these were done right). The fish pie was meaty and fresh, with the perfect ratio of fish to fluffy, crispy topped potatoes.

Despite being full to the brim, I couldn’t resist the waitress-recommended “big kids sundae” – a brownie topped, caramel filled gooey delight. Perfect for a big kid like me!


The staff at The Plough are friendly, attentive, and discreet. Happy to offer recommendations when asked, I was impressed at their knowledge of the menu and wines which they were serving. They clearly loved working there, and took pride in ensuring that customers enjoyed the best evening – something I really love because as I was always told as a waitress, for some people this may be their only meal out of the year! I had a lovely chat with the owner at the end of the meal, and you could see how much he loved the pub, and truly wants it to succeed (which if they carry on like this, they’ll be somewhere to visit for many years to come).

Price & Rating

A slightly upmarket pub with slightly more expensive prices than your usual local – starters average out at around £10, with mains averaging around £20 and desserts around £7 – depending on what dishes take your fancy. Totally worth the price though, you will walk away from the experience full, satisfied, happy and wanting more (when you’ve made some more space!).

8.5 SPOONS/10



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