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The Old Lodge - Minchinhampton

Updated: May 7, 2020

So, this is the second time I’ve visited the Old Lodge, in a village in the Cotswolds which I had never heard of before my boyfriends mum took us there just before Christmas. Sadly, we have only been there in the dark, but I do look forward to visiting in the midst of summer when we can sit outside, the location is beautiful! It’s in the middle of nowhere, relatively hard to find but is a bit of a gem if you do.

Inside the place is just as exciting. Lots of rooms and cubby’s – the place is gigantic! It has more of a drinking area, and then a beautiful, high ceilinged, light and airy restaurant with the most amazing wine holder you’ve ever seen. The place is incredible, and it’s such a shame that each time we’ve been it’s been really quiet (although I guess that’s down to the weather, and the fact that you have to travel to get there).

The menu is seasonal, and I feel can be lacking in a few things, but they seem to go with specialty rather than standard pub grub. I was extremely disappointed that they had steak on the menu, and no peppercorn sauce. However, on this occasion this swayed me toward the burger, which was delicious! It was really flavoursome, meaty with some great herbs and spices. I ordered it with sweet potato chips instead of normal, they were lovely, if a little hard (I prefer them a bit crispy).

For starter, D and I shared a Camembert – our go-to menu item if it’s there. Of course this is something you can’t get wrong, it was lovely and strong, with garlic and a perfect fresh ciabatta.  When it came to dessert (yes I was naughty and had 3 courses), I was sad to see no chocolate desserts on there, although you could have a coffee and mini dessert, which included a brownie, so this is what I ordered. They were lovely, moist, soft with a little crunch on the outside, and I asked for a scoop of icecream too. I can honestly say this was the creamiest, best textured ice cream I have ever tried, it was a huge dessert win! Something I found a little odd was the specials menu – there were different variations of other main menu meals on there (for example there was steak on both the main and specials menu). I’d like to see totally different things on the specials menu, although there was lots of other choice.

The thing I feel that lets this place down is the service, don’t get me wrong the staff are lovely and friendly, but it is incredibly slow (I had to ask where the starters were). If you’re not in a rush and out to enjoy the evening, it’s perfect, but be prepared for a late night.

I wouldn’t rush back to the place now, but would definitely love to return in the summer to see the incredible views and enjoy the setting. Well worth a visit. We also visited on a TravelZoo voucher which got us 2 for 1 on all courses – so if you can get something like that snap it up!

Off to Bodeans this evening (provided we get a table) so look out for that review coming soon!

7 SPOONS/10 (great, but always leave a little room for improvement!☺️)



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