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The Old Plough – Cobham

Updated: May 7, 2020

This place used to be a little old pub that my friends and I would visit because it was cheap, and quiet. Goodness me how things can change!

We visited the Old Plough, which is right next to Cobham & Stoke D’Abernon train station for my mums birthday a couple of weeks ago, and the place was full of hubbub, a fantastic atmosphere in a previously deserted pub! It was rammed, on a Thursday evening when most of Surrey is chilling out at home or drinking after work in London, I couldn’t get a table until 8.30pm, although they did have the table ready when we arrived at 8pm.

The menu is my absolute favorite – upmarket pub food. Things such as fish and chips, steak, pies and burgers. I was feeling hungry, so decided to have the bacon cheeseburger. But to start, between the four of us we shared a baked Camembert with breadstick, and some garlic bread. It was amazing – the perfect amount for 4 to share, and not too heavy (sometimes a starter can fill me up!)

When the mains came, the burger was medium to rare, quite pink but that’s how I like it, melt in your mouth with a beautifully flavoured cheese and lovely crisp bacon. I was very impressed. It came with crunchy triple cooked chips which had a golden brown skin, a great addition to the dish.

We didn’t order any desserts, as we were stuffed, but they were more than happy to bring out the cake I had brought for my mums birthday, and get the restaurant singing. They were great at being really discreet about it too, except from when mum decided she needed the loo right before, and I had to tell her she wasn’t allowed! You never can get away with surprises when she’s around!

The services was fast and efficient, and very friendly. In fact there is not much I have to say about this place that is bad, although I would suggest a set menu perhaps for a slightly cheaper option, as it is on the more expensive side of pub food (but quite rightly deserved).

If it’s busy you might have to park down the road, and in the summer it has a lovely beer garden. In the winter it is a perfect cosy, romantic rustic little pub.

You’d be looking at around £25 pp for two courses (not including alcohol). Not extortionate, and the food is well worth it, but it’s at the higher end for a pub.

I would highly recommend visiting, especially if you used to go there pre 2011 and have avoided it since then.




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