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The Royal Three Counties Show

Updated: May 7, 2020

Having had a few months off from blogging (sorry, this seems to be a regular trait of mine), I’m ready to get started again. Watch out because over the next couple of weeks I’m going to repost some of my archived blogs (from my old site), and switch over to my own domain (EEEK!)

I want to thank the Three Counties Show for inviting me along with the family, which has encouraged me to get writing again.

It’s been a busy few months, I’ve left the film industry and am now working in the most appropriate role, as an account manager for Deliveroo. So now it’s my job to eat food – wonderful news!

The Malvern Showground is one of my favourite places. They have shows throughout the year, including the Spring Festival, the Malvern Autumn show and the highlight of the farming calendar, the Royal Three Counties Show. I try not to miss it, not coming from a farming background it’s probably one of the strangest things I’ve ever been to, but it does combine a number of things I love, and makes for an incredibly successful day.

This year we visited on the Saturday, and it was one of the hottest days of the year. Whether this was a good or bad thing, it made for some glorious photos and an extremely packed out show.

Obviously I can’t do one of my usual reviews with this event, seeing as it’s not a restaurant, so I thought I’d just give you a little plan of my day.

We arrived at the show, and headed straight for some breakfast. The food tent is a hustle and bustle of customers looking to try as many free samples as they can (and we certainly joined in). I headed to enjoy my yearly favourite – a sausage on a stick! We grabbed a coffee in the press tent and settled down to check out the programme, and where we wanted to go.

The tent was quiet – it was fairly early and nobody had arrived yet, and the first person to walk through the door and sit down next to us was Adam Henson himself! (He’s the show’s ambassador). I didn’t go and ask him for a photo (contrary to what I wanted to do), as I didn’t feel it was appropriate whilst he was trying to get some peace and quiet before the madness began, but I sat and observed him chatting away to an older gentleman, and get himself a cup of tea and offer one to the other man. Whilst I didn’t talk to him myself, it was great to see him interacting with people in a way that made you think he is just one of us.

We took a walk out to where all of the animals were, and watched some of the sheep and cattle being shown and awarded their prizes. If you’ve never been to a show where people take their farm animals before, I urge you to, it really is something else. There are kids as young as 4-5 years old, leading these great big cows, sheep and pigs around the ShowGround, all vying for first prize and the all important place in the final parade on the Sunday.  Then they walk around wearing their ribbons with pride for the rest of the weekend.

After checking out the animals, we headed to the shopping village. You would not believe the variety of items you can buy. From hot tubs to tractors, plants to shoes, bags and even hair removal pads (which D couldn’t quite believe the lady was shouting at the top of her voice). Every year I tend to buy 1 item, and this year D was not overly impressed with my choice – this beautiful Harry Potter style wooden box for my plants! I absolutely love it! The likes of Joules, Crew Clothing and Chatham have stalls there, with sales on some of their items, which is always worth a visit.

My highlight of the weekend is always around 1pm – on both the Saturday and the Sunday. The Red Devils arrive – a group of guys who parachute out of a plane and land right in the middle of the festival. They did not disappoint, with perfect weather they arrived to probably one of the busiest crowds they’ve had at the three counties show. I won’t say much more, just check out the photos (and make sure you get down there yourself next year!).


Other things not to miss: 

  1. As mentioned above, they have a parade on the Sunday to show off all of the winners from the weekend, an interesting site to see.

  2. There are talks throughout the weekend, from celebrity chefs, farmers, speakers and gardeners. Well worth checking the programme out before you go and planning these in.

  3. Day out with the family? There’s lots to do for the kids, from stands which have activities on to treasure hunts throughout the festival.

  4. There is an equestrian village, for all you horsey people, and they run jumping competitions with some of the most beautiful horses.

I’ve spent multiple days here in the past, and you can most definitely make a full day of it, if not more!

D and I finished the day with a gorgeous punnet of strawberries.

Can’t wait for next year!





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