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Updated: May 6, 2020

Last weekend, we were invited for an evening at The Stable in Cheltenham, with a couple of friends. I’ve not been to visit the Stable in a while, and Saturday night made me question why – the food is great, the staff are incredibly friendly and the atmosphere is perfect, especially when they have live music on. So I’m definitely going to be heading there more often, I love their pizzas, but there is nowhere else in town quite like it, where you can get some incredibly tasty pies (although I would LOVE to see mash on the menu as well as their wedges!). Not only does all of this work perfectly, but they serve a huge range of delicious ciders on tap, and I highly recommend ordering the cider tasting board before deciding what you’re going to drink!


When we headed into The Stable, it was early (5.30pm) but already buzzing. There was a large variety of different people, which changed throughout the evening (we arrived to kids, and left to hen parties!) but it was great. The long bar serves as a great opportunity to check out the drinks on offer whilst you wait to be served. If you stick around, later in the evening the live music begins. If you head there during the week, you will find daily offers, open mic nights and even a quiz! They’ve done a really good job of putting together a schedule to suit everyone, and it is the perfect place for an early evening (or lunch time) family meal, date night, or a meal with friend whilst listening to some live music.


We are so lucky in Cheltenham. We have some of the best pizzas you can find, and The Stable are definitely up there with the rest of them. Not only do they have some incredible pizzas, but they serve tasty pies, delicious sides and one of the best dessert menus in town.

We ordered the “pot of gold” to share as a starter, it was my idea of heaven. West Country cider, melted cheese with rosemary and garlic, served with sourdough. It was dreamy, I wanted to keep going back for more. They even served us some extra bread when we ran out!

The menu at The Stable makes me really happy. Despite the fact that they have a number of restaurants, every single menu is tailored to the location. The pizzas have names such as “The Gloucester Grazer”, “The Spi-cy GCHQ”, “The Cleeve Hill Clucker” and “The Cheltonian”. It’s such a clever idea, and instantly makes me smile every time I look at the menu. Not only that, but their choices of pizzas are spot on. I rarely look at a pizza menu and find that 80% of the menu are pizzas that I’d like to try. The Stable Chelt: Nailed it. I ordered The Blazing Saddle, but between us we also tried The Posh Hawaiian, The Longhorn Jim, and The Cheltonian – so as you can see a great spread of flavours (check out their menu here). The pizzas are fully loaded with fresh, flavoursome toppings, thin and crispy, and the perfect size for one – to leave you perfectly satisfied with a little bit of room for dessert!   

Having had a dessert here before, I couldn’t resist. Once again, their dessert menu has some amazing choices (even a dessert pizza, if that’s your kinda thing). Two of us ordered the brownie which is served with clotted cream and salted caramel sauce – surely just hearing that must make you salivate. And you’d be right to, their brownie is gooey, light and chocolatey – for someone who prefers a slightly lighter than dark chocolate brownie, this is the right choice for me. Although, I’m definitely going to get a date in the diary to head back in there to try out the crumble! 

They have an extensive vegan menu, alongside all of the pizzas being able to be made gluten free, so they’re doing well at catering for everyone. Not only that, but they serve a lunchtime menu for £6.50 which includes some of their pizzas, alongside some wraps which sound delicious – it’s definitely on my list of lunchtime venues I need to try. Their kids menu sees some of their pizza favourites in child size, and on Tuesdays you can get a pizza, side salad and drink for £10.


Throughout the day, you order at the bar – they have always been incredibly good at making sure this is a smooth process. At night, you can still order at the bar, but you can also be treated to table service. We were extremely well looked after – I was most impressed that they offered to top up our bread (although in hindsight – we probably didn’t need it). We didn’t want for anything, the staff were friendly, approachable and not too much in your face. The lovely manager who was on duty, was about to go on maternity leave, and we had a great chat with her at the end – she went over and above to make us feel welcome, the four of us enjoyed a fab night (which was especially lovely as our two friends had booked a babysitter, we don’t get to go out with them without kids often).

Price & Rating

I’ve touched on this above, but it is really reasonable. Pizzas range from £8.50 to £13.50 depending on what toppings you go for, and pies are £10.50 (but don’t forget the Tuesday offer!). Cider tasting boards are £8.50 – well worth it to try out a variety of flavours. If you love cheese, do not miss out on the Pot of Gold at £12.50 (we shared this as a starter for 4!).




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