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The Stable – Cheltenham 

Updated: May 6, 2020

When D-Fly closed down a few years ago I was sad. My friends and I frequented there often when we were at uni, their lunch menu was a bargain. The place has laid unused for a couple of years, so I was pleased to see somebody had finally bought it ready to start afresh.

Pizza. Pies. Cider. What more could you want? I had forgotten about it over Christmas, until my friend and I were looking for somewhere for some good old comfort food after the cinema on Saturday. It popped into my head, we thought we’d give it a try. There are so many of the same types of restaurants in Cheltenham that this is a lovely, fresh, new approach – one which the locals have welcomed with open arms, and I can certainly understand why.

We arrived around 6pm, having been to an early showing, and headed upstairs. You order at the bar, something I quite like in a restaurant as you don’t have that awkward moment where the waiter keeps coming over and you’re not ready (because I’m too much of a chatterbox!). It was quiet, there was only 1 other group up there; and whilst I didn’t mind they do only have large tables – they look suitable for 4 or more. We happily sat down, and I really loved the layout, and the contemporary feel to the place. I had never been upstairs before, and it means there is a huge amount of space to fill – great for a busy Saturday.

Having watched the other meals head downstairs (I always like to nosy!) we both decided to order pie (although I can’t wait to go back and try the pizzas – they looked immense!) I went for a beef and stout pie. A little disappointed that it didn’t come with mash and gravy, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It arrived with the most delicious homemade potato wedges (much like the ones I cook at home), a mound of spiralised carrots, rocket and an onion chutney. I was quite happy without the mash and gravy, particularly because when I cut into the pie it oozes out with a perfect combination of meat, veg and gravy. The pasty was a light shortcrust which was perfect, there really was nothing to fault. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and something I don’t usually like is a salad dressing, but this one was perfect.

E and I decided to share a pudding, torn between the apple pie and the brownie, we decided we were all pied out and went for the brownie. I am very particular with brownies as I make a mean one myself, but this was incredible. It was like heaven on a plate (E said she thought it was made from Angel tears!😂), I wouldn’t necessarily say it was better than mine (the other half would be the ideal tester!) but it was definitely on par. It was crisp on the outside, soft in the middle, melt in your mouth brownie, and there was so much flavour. I’m not sure what it was but there was a hint of caramel or the like – definitely a secret ingredient! The best part of it was that it came with clotted cream – I’m glad they realised that’s the only way to serve a brownie! Knowing how good the brownie was, I am definitely going to head back to try the crumble!!  Funnily enough just as we were finishing our meal, D called to say him and his friends were headed to the stable, despite the fact that they didn’t know we were there. Knowing it was a busy Saturday, by this point at around 8pm the place was rammed (word clearly gets out fast) and they were lucky that we had a large table big enough to fit them all on. Being a group of boys after a stodgy meal, they were disappointed with the “rabbit food” aka side salad and carrots, so I would like to see the menu extend to see mash and gravy as an alternative option. Sometimes comfort food is all you need!

Like I said, I will most certainly be headed back there to try out the pizza and crumble, and I promise a review when I do. But if your looking for a good value meal in a great atmosphere, where the food is delicious then this is the place to visit. Much cheaper than most of the other new Cheltenham restaurants, it is the sort of place I would happily visit often with friends, or for a Friday night date night. Next time I’m definitely going for a cider board!!

Prices are around £10 a meal, which is a bargain for the amount of delicious food that arrives on your plate!




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