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The Tavern Co - Liverpool

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

A couple of weeks ago D and I went up to Liverpool for a wedding. We were fortunate to spend a weekend there meaning we had time to enjoy some of the delights that Liverpool has to offer. A friend of ours had recommended that I visit The Tavern Co, which has been voted best breakfast of 2014. Last time I went up there I was disappointed to find that it was closed for refurbishment, so we were excited to head up there again.

The Tavern itself is on the outskirts of Liverpool, in Edge Hill, in amongst lots of closed shops and cafes, where you wouldn’t expect to find a hustling bustling restaurant. But it is a gem in amongst this small outskirt village.

Parking is tricky – there are lots of little back streets and you need to find somewhere to park there, but it is all free. When you walk round to the Tavern, you will see what I mean about everything being run down. And all of a sudden you walk into this amazing little cafe, which was bursting at the seam with people and atmosphere, and you begin to quickly realise why this place has won lots of awards.

The place is huge, and a hive of activity. There are 2 floors, but lots of little nooks and crannys to sit in, and it was almost full when we arrived around 10am (on a Friday morning). I was extremely excited to see a proper glass milk bottle on the table to serve myself from, and even more ecstatic when we found out that tea and coffee is on tap! There was a dedicated waiter who came around the table regularly to top us up

When it came to ordering – there was so much choice! Pretty much anything you can think of that you might want for breakfast, you can get in here – healthy and unhealthy alike. Now we all know about my penchant for pancakes with bacon, but I was finding it tricky to choose between that and a full English. To my delight, I found that I didn’t have to choose! They have an American breakfast on the menu, which is pretty much a full English, with the addition of pancakes and maple syrup on the side – heaven. I ordered this, and D had a full English. We did end up sharing the pancakes!

The breakfast was delicious, good hearty sausages, well cooked bacon, heinz ketchup (a must), and perfectly cooked hash browns (one of my favorite breakfast items). I went for no eggs, as I am not a fan, but D had the whole thing. The only bad thing I have to say about it all is that it is SO big! But I certainly wouldn’t mind revisiting the place. We had fresh orange juice, which was amazing, and I don’t usually like orange juice, and the american pancakes were thick, light and fluffy in the middle with scrumptious maple syrup – it almost felt like a dessert to my breakfast. It was a total carb overload, with lovely littlt fried potatoes too – although these were the only thing that let it down, being a tad on the salty side.

Very reasonable place to eat, that entire spread cost us approx £18, which is what just 1 mediocre breakfast would have cost us in a hotel, so we walked out of there 2 very happy customers.

I would highly recommend anyone visiting Liverpool to try and take a little trip out to the Tavern Co.




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