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Wagamama – Autumn Menu

Updated: May 19, 2020

So I think we’re all getting the gist – I LOVE Wagamama’s. Particularly the one in Cheltenham as Sam and his lovely team are always so welcoming. They kindly invited me in to try their new dishes which launched yesterday, so here’s a little review. The best part about it is that they’re massively showcasing their Vegan & Vegetarian dishes, with a whole menu now dedicated to them, so anyone with specific dietary requirements is hugely catered for in there. They’ve included lots of variations on existing dishes with a vegan or vegetarian twist, with a couple of completely new ones.

Kare Burosu Ramen 

First up is the newly created ramen, especially for all you vegans out there. It’s a curried broth, with noodles, tofu and spices. If you are vegan, I feel that you would love this dish. It’s definitely not one for me, the textures don’t mix well with my palette, but it is full of flavour. I’ve never really been a fan of tofu, noodles or broth, so it most certainly isn’t something I was going to come out shouting about, but I tried it nonetheless. It has a big kick (although I’m a wuss when it comes to spices) and a complete firework on the senses (in a good way!). If I wasn’t the carnivore that I am, I’m sure this would have been something that would whet my appetite and leave me wanting more if I didn’t eat meat, so I hope all you vegans & vegetarians out there go in and take advantage of the incredible new menu that Wagamama have created for you. 

Wagamama Vegan Ramen

Bench Tonkatsu

Now THIS is my cup of tea. Fortunately, for all of us meat eaters, they didn’t want to leave us out. So they’ve come up with one lovely new dish on the main menu. All of my favourite dishes (except dessert) in this restaurant have one thing in common – their very lovely sticky rice. Add in some pork, and a sweet, sticky sauce and you’ve pretty much got me hooked. That’s exactly what this dish entails, and it was spot on. The sauce is like no other I’ve had in Wagamama before, it’s similar to a BBQ sauce but with more sweetness, and a bit thicker. The pork was tender, and worked perfectly with the panko breadcrumbs, rice and vegetables that it came with (and I especilly love that it came with tomatoes – my absolute fave and a rarity in their dishes). This was an absolute winner in my eyes, and definitely something I’ll come back to.

Jinzu Fever Gin & Tonic

The third exciting “dish” that I got to try, was the brand new Gin & Tonic. Now, I do like to think of myself as a gin connoisseur, and therefore this was right up my street. I can be quite fussy with gin and tonic (I HATE Gordon’s – who doesn’t, but people definitely look at me funny when I tell them I don’t like Double Dutch Tonic) and I like it to be right, but my friends and I are heading to Wagamama soon and I will DEFINITELY be drinking this! It was sweet, with a hint of dry, and worked perfectly well with the bitterness of the lemon and pink peppercorns. A new favourite gin – Jinzu Fever Gin – I might need to go out and buy a bottle (although I think it’s all about the garnish when it comes to a good G&T!)


Thanks for having me guys – see you soon!! (p.s. you know you’ve made it when you walk into Wagamama and your blog is on the table!)

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