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Wild Beer Co at Jessop House – Cheltenham

Updated: May 7, 2020

My goodness is this place amazing, and what a transformation! I have to be honest, I was a fan of Coco, which was here before, although it was a strange place, I was a little gutted when it closed, but now that Wild Beer Co has arrived I am more than happy to leave it behind.

The exterior is beautiful, they have completely revamped the place, and from the outside you now get the inviting feel from exposed brick, and a simple sign welcoming you in detailing that the place is perfect for all events. And they have certainly not scrimped on the interior decor. As you walk in, there is a cool, modern and relaxed atmosphere, which gives you a Cotswold feel, and reminds you that you are in the countryside. They have one of those amazing antler inspired lampshades, and it is light and airy. They have kept the bar/restaurant on the ground floor as you walk in, with a table-service restaurant downstairs. And I was happy to see that outside is still as before, with plenty of space to sit and drink in their good sized garden.

They have plenty of great offers, including a lunch menu, boozy brunch at weekends, special beer tasting sessions and a newly introduced festive menu. When I visited we went for the lunch menu, 2 courses for £12.50 or 3 for £15, not bad for such an upmarket establishment. However, I wasn’t too hungry so decided to just go for a main. I had a Coke – which was my one and only disappointment, as it was cheap Coca Cola. I ordered the slow cooked brisket, which came with garlic and chilli new potatoes and salad. My favourite part of ordering was that their potatoes and vegetables are daily, so they vary, and you know you are getting the best, fresh ingredients. I had a side of the vegetables, which today was butternut squash and parsnips. All of it was delicious, but I have to say that the brisket itself was indescribable. It was completely and utterly perfect, full of richness and flavour, and it melted off the fork. The combination of the food was like heaven exploding in my mouth. I honestly have not one thing I can pick up on in this meal that wasn’t all that I could ever have asked for.

The staff couldn’t have been more attentive, despite it being order at the bar they were really communicative and came over a few times to check if we needed anything else. They were eager to discuss my thoughts, and talk about restaurants and food in general – as a foodie something I am always willing to discuss! I walked out of there feeling like I’d made friends, and would be welcomed back into the place with open arms.

I didn’t try any as I was on a work lunch, but the extensive beer menu looked intriguing and suitable for all – even if you are not particularly a beer drinker.

I cannot wait to visit this place again, I’ve heard they do an amazing brunch so watch this space!

9.5 SPOONS/10



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